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Important Tasha Tudor Day News


    Good day fellow Tasha fans. In light of the fact that Tasha Tudor's family has their own blog, I have decided to hand Tasha Tudor day over to them, so to speak. I will continue to honor Tasha every year in my own life and with my family but not on my blog. The reason I am posting about this is to ask you if you have my button on your blog would you mind removing it and linki Rookery Ramblings instead for Tasha Tudor day. Really the family should be.directing this. I love that every year we all take a moment, stop and think about Tasha. Think about how she has inspired us to live life more simply but fuller. Tasha affects my day to day life in a real way and I am very thankful for this.

Also a reminder Tasha Tudor day is one month from now, August 28. I think my girls and I will have tea out in the garden. Maybe read Becky's Birthday xox


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Ohhhh Tasha Tudor es parecida a mi abuela tan amada!!!!!, quiero saber como encontrar este blog en castellano! Me encantó! Muchas gracias.


I will miss Tasha Tudor day on your blog! I hope you still share your festivities on that day with us. I've so enjoyed past years!


Enjoy tea in the garden on Tasha's special day.


What a splendid idea, Clarice but I do so appreciate you celebrating the day on your blog. I'll be sure and check out my link. Thanks for sharing, Clarice...


You've done an amazing job of celebrating Tasha's life through your Tasha Tudor Day. Thank you, Clarice, for bringing her life to the forefront every year on her birthday. I hope the family does it just as beautifully as you have.


Great news!!


That is great news--I hope they make a button so we can share it on our blogs that day:-)

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