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This message is very close to my heart. I am a crier, emotional and have a lot of empathy of those suffering, outsiders like me but this was frowned upon by some in my childhood. I was told a lot to suck it up and not show my emotions. I was told it made me weak but I realized in time that my emotions were my strength. It takes strength to be vulnerable and those criticizing me, actually were afraid themselves to show their vulnerability. It is a risk to be vulnerable but it is worth it, even if we are rejected. Because being emotional is what makes us human and that makes us a better person.

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Tracy A.

I too am an emotion sort. I have long since abandoned trying to control it. It is false (and impossible) for me to be otherwise. The only time I try to keep it I check is if my emotions will make things more difficult for someone who is already going through a difficult time.

Thank you for being true to yourself!


HI Clarice,
I just had this conversation with my son. He is going through a difficult time and his emotions are all in a twist. I told him there was nothing wrong with expressing them in any way that would make him and those around him feel better. He has chose to start a journal.

Thanks for sharing, Clarice...


All so true!
I believe it, but tend to hold my emotions in. I want them to come out, but they sit stubbornly inside of me.

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