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Raspberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream w/ Chocolate Bits


    This recipe is a facebook request. I post what I am cooking and everyone wanted a recipe. It is super easy, no-cook, vegan, dairy free and carb friendly. You could make it with other fruit too. Make sure you check out my tips below!!


Raspberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream w/ Chocolate Bits

1 cup fresh raspberries, or more if you have it

1/3 cup sugar (I use coconut sugar)

2 cans, cold, full fat coconut milk (I use 1 can coconut cream and 1 can light coconut milk)

1/3 cup chopped dark chocolate

2 tsp coconut oil

In a food processor with blade attachment add raspberries and sugar. Pulse berries a few times to break them up and extract juice. You do not need to grind up the seeds. Strain our seeds with a fine mesh strainer. Pushing down to get out as much juice and flesh as possible. Throw seeds away. In the processor or blender mix berries and coconut milk. Then pour in ice cream maker. Mine takes about 20 minutes. While the ice cream is going, melt chocolate and coconut oil. You can do this in a microwave or on the stove. When ice cream is firm, slowly drizzle melted chocolate in. If chocolate starts to clump up, break it up with a spoon. Transfer ice cream to a container with a tight lid and set in freezer. Enjoy!



I keep un-opened cans of coconut milk in my fridge, so I can make ice cream anytime I want.

You can use more sugar if you want it sweetier. I am just trying to get by with as little sugar as possible.

Coconut oil really is the best oil to use for the chocolate bits because when cold it become firm BUT not rock hard. It is easy to bite into, even when frozen.

Honestly, I tend to make this just after dinner and we eat it half frozen. It is amazing!!


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Gloria Lundstrom

The first thing I see in your article is that you have a very nice raspberry coconut, very attractive, look it looks very tasty, I hope it will appear in the future.


Sounds wonderful - my little 2 year granddaughter is a bit lactose sensitive and ice cream is one thing she can't have. She'll love this.

Miss Rhea

Sounds yummy! :)

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