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    I was given a HUGE box of old bottles by a friend of my hubby's. He is a diver and has a huge collection of bottles, many covered in barnacles. He mentioned to David he was going to thin down and wondered if anyone would want them. I am sure my hubby's hand shoot his hand right up, as he knows me so well ;-)



    I picked out the gems to display in my house (I will share those soon) but there were a few extras. Since I live on the water and have a shell/sea glass walkway, I thought putting the bottles in my garden would be perfect. I just simple pushed some rebar in the ground and set the bottles on top. So simple!!




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What a nifty idea and it adds a lot of character to your garden flowers.


What fun, love the bottles in the garden. Love old bottles. I have a neighbor that put cobalt blue bottles in their garden, but I like the way yours are displayed better.


So you, Clarice! Precious and creative!

LaDonna Lateadah

Ingenious! I love this idea. Very pretty!


I totally adore barnacles. In Chile they are huge and edible, meat
better than crab. Your garden is lucky to have them
chattering away with the seashell and seaglass.

Mary Thresher

Love the one's with the coral/barnacles?? on them!


What a great idea to add whimsy to your garden.

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

They look lovely and the flowers - divine!

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