Encouraging Thoughts
Encouraging Thoughts

Blooming, carbs


    I look at cake or a loaf of homemade bread and it calls to me. Sadly I cannot answer! Carbs: bread, potatoes, pasta, corn, cakes, they all raise my blood sugar and I had to say goodbye to them (except for a rare treat). To me the hardest part about cooking low carb, it is just that low carb. I mean it is easy to find some meat dish to cook for dinner and there are now a zillion low carb dessert recipes but what about the rest of the meal? Sure there is salad but day in and day out, it is hard to eat the same thing. Plus so much of how we eat is cab based. Bread or potatoes on the side with that roast, sandwich for lunch, pancakes for breakfast or pasta for our red sauce? There are carb free options and I will list a few of my favs below but still it is HARD!


    I just want to put that out there and acknowledge it. One of the things I have had to embrace is just eating different. I mean do I have to have pasta with my sauce? Is a sandwich a sandwich if there is no bread? Can I look at something like a fruit cobbler in a new light, if there is no flour in it? Sure I do not like it but I have had to embrace eating in a new way to make this work. I can make grain free bread (which I will share soon) but it will NEVER be like homemade white bread, Never and I have to just embrace that. Really it comes down to this, my health or cake!! Which do I want? Of course the logical answer is my health but there are days (many of them) where I would pick the cake over my health but I do not listen to that girl. That girl has no boundaries when she wants something. That girl would sell her left arm for a cronut with rose glaze. That girl never wants to get off the couch. That girl also does not listen to her body, when it is screming it is sick and needs help. So I have chosen to not listen to her. I choose me, not cake!!

Carbs guys

Carb replacement ideas.

1. My favorite carb replaces for things like pasta or rice is thinly sliced raw cabbage. If you put hot sauce over it, it slightly wilts the cabbage. It is quite lovely!!

2. My new find is kelp noodles. I get them in the Asian section of my grocers. They do not taste like anything (no seaweed taste). They are clear, a little hard and for those who do raw, they are perfect. You soak the noodles in warm water for 30 minutes and then drain. They are really wonderful for an Asian salad but I eat them with red sauce too. They are a bit firmer than pasta. Think of them as super al dente!

3. I have discovered spinach with balsamic vinaigrette is lovely under stew or meat sauce. It sort of cuts the richness a bit. Stew served over the spinach (which will wilt from the heat of the stew) with some gorgonzola cheese on top is heaven!! Of course you can use spaghetti squash or raw zucchini noodles as a carb replacement too. Zucchini/cheese fritters makes a lovely side dish.

4. I keep bags of almond flour biscuits in the freezer ready to bake off; just like I do with regular biscuits. They bake up beautifully. Although they can be crumbly, so be gentle with them.

5. I think eggs are the best meal for breakfast but some days I just cannot look at another egg. On those days I love grain free granola with 1/2 cup of fruit and some of my raw milk yogurt.

6. This is messy but works for lunch. Take a slice of lunchmeat fill with veggies, some Dijon and cheese or avocado, then rolled up. A sandwich with no bread!!



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"I choose Me, not cake" I love it. I so relate to everything you said Clarice!


Good suggestions!
I am a carb addict, I know it; but not sure I can release it. Yes, I am an addict.


So proud of you for making tough choices. Try not to think of it as no carbs...try to think of it as ..no processed...maybe that will help. Love you, Dianntha

Linda Colantino

I'm really impressed with your diligence Clarice. I was doing so well until my trip. I need to get back on track. As one of your readers said, it is hard.
Miss you all...


Thank you for the lovely ideas. With my husbands diet restrictions, I was missing pasta. And I know that I maintain/loose weight when I avoid the carbs. Great ideas for adding more veggies to our meals. Thank you.


I'm so proud of you for choosing YOU instead of cake. I'm like you in that I love cake and bread and pasta and all that stuff, but I have found that I don't need it, or at least I can do with much less of it than I used to.

For side dishes to go with our meats, I like to do skillet veggies. In olive oil I saute whatever I have fresh: zucchini, onions, peppers, carrots, snow peas, broccoli, garlic and such (any mixture), and then I throw in a tomato or two (or canned tomatoes) and lastly melt some good cheese over that. I really do love spaghetti squash sauteed with butter and garlic and S&P and maybe some Parmesan. We do eat lots of salads and I find I especially like mine with a drizzle of good olive oil, S&P and sliced olives or avocado.

We do still have an occasional dessert or sometimes I make a whole grain loaf of bread. I like to slice it and then store it in the freezer so I can use a slice for toast now and then instead of feeling like I must eat a whole loaf before it spoils. I also like to make dessert and invite the kids over so there is nothing left over!

Keep up the good fight!


What a wonderful post, Clarice. I learned so much about you and carb diet restrictions and balance.

I have seen a few recipes on Pinterest that includes cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes. People rave about it! Lettuce does seem to work for many sandwich lovers too.

I love your comparisons and that note on the bottom about classmates, lol...It seems you have a positive attitude and that's a wonderful thing:)

Thank you so much for sharing, Clarice...


I like putting my veggies and cold meat into a big leaf of lettuce and rolling it up - a lettuce wrap instead of a tortilla wrap.

Cauliflower is also a great base for saucy meals - I use it instead of pasta.

I'll be checking out the almond flour biscuits. Good luck on your eating transition. It's hard.


Yes mom, I put the biscuits on a baking sheet, then when frozen I transfer them to a zip-lock baggie xox Clarice


Thanks for the recipes. How do you freeze the biscuits? On a baking sheet?

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