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Encouraging Thoughts

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    So after I established I had high blood sugar and bought a pretty scrapbook, what next? Well what should I eat? Luckily (but not luckily) my mother has diabetes and was able to bring her levels way down by eating a low carbohydrate/no sugar diet. She is a wealth of info, support and "that did/did not work". Now when I say low carb I mean it! Like 3-5 carbs per meal. I decided to take 4 weeks and eat low carb/no sugar for a couple of reasons.

  • 1. To unhook from carbs and sugar. I actually do not eat a lot of sugar BUT carbs, that is a different story. I ate a lot of gluten free BUT most GF grains are still carby. For 1 1/2 weeks I was really going through withdrawals. It was not easy. So like I said I needed to unhook myself from my cravings (which honestly is a forever battle).

  • 2. I needed my liver to heal a bit. Did you know your liver is like the maid of your body, cleaning up all the toxins you put into it? Think of the the highways of your body, converging together and running through your liver. If you are eating refined sugar and refined carbs, you have been taxing your liver, so it will not be functioning as it should.

  • 3. Even if I do end up eating more healthy carbs down the road (which I will), I know I need to know how to eat as low carb as I can. I need to not be dependant on those carbs or sugars.


    Let me say from everything I have read, you do not want to eat super low carb for long periods of time. What I did for the first 6 weeks, was check my blood 3-4 times a day (I thought sticking myself would hurt so bad, I am a big a baby about that kind of thing BUT it does not hurt. Not at all!) and started eating as low carb/no sugar as I could. Even if you do not have the same problem as me, I would encourage you to look at how much carbs you consume on a daily basis and how healthy those carbs are. I was surprised at the amount I was eating because there were so many cabs I did not know about. Next time I will talk about what I did and did NOT eat? And what I am eating now. Not that I want you to copy me but I am hoping to encourage to be brave and honestly look at your diet!!


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Good for you! I know I need more awareness on this.

Mary Ann Sanders

I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago, which two years ago turned in to Diabetes.NO one in my family has this disease. And I am insulin resistant, so mine has to be as diet controlled as I can. It has been a long road, but I am in remission from my cake & sweet tea addictions. I cried every time I went to the grocery for months. I took an 8 hour course with a dietitian at a Nashville Hospital and learned so much. In two years I have SLOWLY dropped 80+ lbs. I have learned to manage my blood sugar and to LOVE Fiber filled carbs, fruit, raw nuts, cheese and lots of greens. The best advise the ladies at the diabetes clinic gave me, was to eat WELL BALANCED and not to deprive myself. SO they wrote the only meal plan they ever have and included butter. :) I will not give up butter, cheese or milk...YET. I found things I like just as much.. raw pecans, a nice pear and a few slices of cheese are my fave treat. YOU WLL FIND YOUR WAY! Also do some reading on Cinnamon Tea...hot water, powdered cinnamon and honey. Find some good local raw honey, it works wonders as a sub in so many things! I don't eat a lot of processed food, frozen stuff- just berries and veggies, and I can't tell you the last time I ate fast food....I should eat more, eggs are my new BFF. Stay away from the $5 foot long place...BAD for diabetics unless you are eating the veggie. Watch the sugar levels in foods that are LIGHT, because they increase the sugar in all of those, you are better off with just a little of full blown. YOU can wrangle this! Don't deprive yourself! Stay away from rice... Oh I could go on and on about what I have learned. I DO let myself have birthday cake 3 times a year or so. whew, sorry you got my mind in a whirl woman! THANK YOU FOR SHARING your story ! YOU give me new fuel to my fire :)


I started cutting back on refined carbs several years ago in an effort to lose a few pounds. It worked well, and I try not to eat many even now. Sometimes I really miss them.
Good for you for documenting the journey to better health. Thanks for sharing with us.

Grand Pam

So very proud of you and your new journey. May you continue to be courageous and determined in thie control of your destiny.


You have done so well. I've been back on low carb this week, your an inspiration. My numbers are coming down each day.

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