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   In my last post I talked about vegetables, fruit and their carbs. My diet consists mostly of vegetables but protein plays a big part too. I basically eat a paleo diet (w/ a few exceptions). I drink raw cows milk. We eat LOTS of fresh eggs. I consider vegetables and eggs (yoke and all) the most perfect food there is. We also only eat grass-feed beef, pastured meat (we purchase 1/2 a cow and 1/2 a pig at a time) and wild fish (which has help Chloe to not have any more ovary cysts and trips to the ER).


    BUT here lies my problem. Pastured, grass-feed and wild protein is expensive, at least where I live. A gallon of raw goat’s milk is $16.00. A dozen eggs can be $8 (I pay $4 and consider that a bargain). I feed 4 adults and cannot afford to serve us meat every night. We do eat a lot of vegetarian/vegan meals but they can be pretty carby. All these restrictions has really challenged my cooking skills. Having said that, I need meat. Not every day but if I go more than 4 days without meat, I do not feel well. I feel stronger when I eat meat. So I will be honest, this is a constant balancing act. My family has had to embrace meals with no meat. They have had to learn to live w/ smaller portions of meat. My husband's favorite food is steak!


    A dinner with no bread, no, meat, almost no carbs. It is a hard sell but I encourage you to keep trying. Do it in baby steps. I will have carbs on the side for my family but cook small amounts, so they have to eat more veggies or go hungry. I am finding what they love and what they hate. For example they LOVE Asian peanut sauce . I can put it on any veggie and they devour it. I have created a raw (as in fake, no meat) taco meat that my family loves, along with some other tips and recipes. I will share soon. If you are not on a tight budget then buy the best pastured meat and fish you can get and enjoy! Mostly listen to your body, be open to trying new things and when you hit on something your family loves, brainstorm how to make the most of it. These changes are a sacrifice but in the end, the good news, we are eating more veggies. That is a win/win!!! More to come.



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I'm eating the same way for my health, too. We live in generally the same area that you do, and yes, living where there is so much value placed on good food has its pros (availability) and cons (price). We have four ducks that run around our yard for eggs. When we calculated costs for feed (organic, non-GMO), our cost is about $3.00 a dozen eggs. They free-range our front/back yard and are always busy doing bug control :-). With 5 adults, two teens, and two youngers, a big piece of our budget pie goes to food, so I feel you!


I find these same challenges too. Then when my daughter comes for dinner, she is allergic to eggs. Oh my! We do love peanut sauce too. If it were just feeding my husband and I we could do the grass-fed meat completely. Having a son that eats way too much I sometimes do have to go a little cheaper. Still will not buy any fish that isn't wild caught. For me it is a matter of learning to love veggies. Love fruit, but veggie's and I have had a love/hate relationship.


I am so thankful that we are able to have meat or fish every day. My husband's brother in law is a charter fisherman in Alaska and we purchase salmon and halibut from him each fall. My husband's favorite pastime is hunting so we almost always have game meat, which by the way is the healthiest meat. I would encourage your husband to take up this sport- not only is the meat good for you, the exercise is too! And it is more fun with a buddy.;~}
With the veggies from our garden that I put up each season, we eat very well.
I think you are doing an amazing job cooking healthy meals for your family. Learning to try new things is a challenge for me, a picky eater. Having to change my diet has been hard but I have learned to like some new things like Swiss chard, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal pancakes! I am looking forward to trying your "faux" taco meat!


That is expensive Clarice!

You are right we have to make choices and do the best we can. Maybe you can find a farmer that has decided to raise their meats and produce organically but not pay for the expensive certifications to be able to say "organic." That should be cheaper. Are you able to keep some chickens where you live? Even six would eventually give you six eggs a day. That would be a good way to supplement what you're buying now.

Remember to keep doing the best you can. And pray! God cares about these things too!


Great post, Clarice. And do share the recipe for the meatless taco meat. I really liked it! xoxo


Jane, we do buy 1/2 a pig and 1/2 a cow at a time. It is more expensive than you are paying (pastured meats is very wanted where I live). I am feeding 4 adults, so we go through ours quicker. It is a process and a balancing act!! Clarice


We buy our meat by the half or the quarter from local people who raise their own beef. It works out to about $4 a pound for everything from hamburger to steak. You do have to make the initial large money outlay and have freezer space, but knowing where and how your meat was grown is worth it. It lasts us about 3 years for the two of us and keeps perfectly in the freezer that length of time.


I'll have to try the peanut sauce. I'm realizing as I'm going thru these cookbooks and finding recipes that the cost of meat keeps coming up as a problem, and other special ingredients too, and of course trying to buy organic. Fortunately I don't eat much. I'm eating a lot of soup and salad, and mini meals, like tapas, but it takes a lot of cooking and time. I'm so proud of how you have embraced this way of eating and put your creativity to it. I look forward to your recipes.

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