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    Sorry I have not been around. Life has been CRAZY. My mother had a few cancer scares, all are fine. We are just waiting on one more. My baby turned 18, akkkk!! And I have had to make so real health changes (which I will blog about soon).

PaB livingroom Collage

    We were in real need of some R and R, so we headed ot the ocean (Pacific Beach, WA) for a few days. It was gray but we still enjoyed it. We were lucky to stay in the cutest cottage. I was inspired by it and thought you might be too, so I took lots of photos. This cottage was like something out of Country Living. Lots of little touches. Enjoy (also it is up for sale this summer) xox

PaB bedroom Collage

PaB sitting collage

PaB house Collage


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pearl maple

That is a beautiful place to relax and recharge and reflect on your future plans.


Looks so cozy!


A very sweet cottage.

LaDonna Lateadah

It looks like a charming cottage! Any day at the sea is a good day!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Looks darling and I bet the air there was purely therapeutic!


Beautiful! Can't wait to visit! Great photos!

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