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Bloom Journal


    So the first thing I did after I figured out I was having serious problems with my blood sugar was to buy a journal (also a glucose meter) and some cute scrapbook paper, of course. I always handle challenges with creativity; it is just how I roll ;-)


    I decided my journal should be more that just my current health issue. This is a pivotal time in my life. As I said before, no more "mom", no more homeschooling, soon no more driving everyone everywhere. I need to record, vent and explore my feelings about all of this. That phrase "Bloom where you are planted" came to mind. I want to bloom in this new season and that is the theme of this journal; to bloom, not just with my health but in all areas. My faith, my marriage, my girls, me!


    The first thing I wrote is what happened when I was driving and all that started this. I wanted to write a blistering, honest account because I know human nature. Over time we tend to alter and downgrade what happens. So now every time I do not want to work out (which is just about every time) or tempted to pig out on bread or cake, I read what happened to remind myself why I am doing this in the first place. I will be sharing more from my journal but if you are not journaling I encourage you to start. You can writing, drawing or painting about who you are and what you feel xox

ps. My favorite journal, it is actually sketch book. It is nice, thick paper and you can even pull out pages. I like it because I can write, paint or scrapbook.The scrapbook paper is from Michaels crafts.



She carefully

"And lives them"

    Well, that is what I have been trying to do these past 3 months. I suppose you might have noticed I have not been around much and definitely not posting recipes as much. Life for me has taken a bit of a turn and I needed some of time to adjust before I shared with all of you. Because even though I want my blog to encourage and speak to you, it is still a reflection of me.

    As I have mentioned my mother had several cancer scares but she is fine now. Chloe turned 18, I am not a mom of kids any more. I am still a mother but not a mom, if you know what I mean. Chloe will also be graduating, so I will no long be a homeschooler. I have been part of the homeschool community for 22 years. Lots of changes, a new season!

    The biggest change for me is a lifestyle change. I have discovered I am pre-diabetic; well ... I have problems with high blood sugar. I had an incident while driving that scarred me to death and that was a wakeup call. I was ignoring signs my body was telling me. I have to make changes and it is hard!! At first I was really depressed (& going through huge sugar/carb withdrawals). How can someone who writes about food and creates recipes not be able to eat everything? I thought maybe it would be the end of the blog and what I do. I can see over time now it is not. I have hesitated to share with all of you because I am not sure if what I will be posting will be relevant to most of you. But I need to be me and this blog needs to reflex that. Even though some future posts (thoughts, recipes, even crafts) may not be relevant to you, I am hoping you will still be encouraged in your day to day life. We all struggle with making healthier choices, we all struggle with life changing, we all struggle with says goodbye to one thing and hello to another. So as I posted at the beginning, this is a new season.and as I share my heart and struggles with you, I hope you will do the same with me xox

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Sail Away Cottage


    Sorry I have not been around. Life has been CRAZY. My mother had a few cancer scares, all are fine. We are just waiting on one more. My baby turned 18, akkkk!! And I have had to make so real health changes (which I will blog about soon).

PaB livingroom Collage

    We were in real need of some R and R, so we headed ot the ocean (Pacific Beach, WA) for a few days. It was gray but we still enjoyed it. We were lucky to stay in the cutest cottage. I was inspired by it and thought you might be too, so I took lots of photos. This cottage was like something out of Country Living. Lots of little touches. Enjoy (also it is up for sale this summer) xox

PaB bedroom Collage

PaB sitting collage

PaB house Collage