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    Well, that is what I have been trying to do these past 3 months. I suppose you might have noticed I have not been around much and definitely not posting recipes as much. Life for me has taken a bit of a turn and I needed some of time to adjust before I shared with all of you. Because even though I want my blog to encourage and speak to you, it is still a reflection of me.

    As I have mentioned my mother had several cancer scares but she is fine now. Chloe turned 18, I am not a mom of kids any more. I am still a mother but not a mom, if you know what I mean. Chloe will also be graduating, so I will no long be a homeschooler. I have been part of the homeschool community for 22 years. Lots of changes, a new season!

    The biggest change for me is a lifestyle change. I have discovered I am pre-diabetic; well ... I have problems with high blood sugar. I had an incident while driving that scarred me to death and that was a wakeup call. I was ignoring signs my body was telling me. I have to make changes and it is hard!! At first I was really depressed (& going through huge sugar/carb withdrawals). How can someone who writes about food and creates recipes not be able to eat everything? I thought maybe it would be the end of the blog and what I do. I can see over time now it is not. I have hesitated to share with all of you because I am not sure if what I will be posting will be relevant to most of you. But I need to be me and this blog needs to reflex that. Even though some future posts (thoughts, recipes, even crafts) may not be relevant to you, I am hoping you will still be encouraged in your day to day life. We all struggle with making healthier choices, we all struggle with life changing, we all struggle with says goodbye to one thing and hello to another. So as I posted at the beginning, this is a new season.and as I share my heart and struggles with you, I hope you will do the same with me xox

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I hope you are doing well. I really enjoy your blog! It is so pretty!!

Tracy A.

Congratulations on facing your challenges and changes head-on. I plan to follow you along on your journey, and I know that I will inspired in the process! I'm sending you good vibrations!


Those certainly are a lot of changes to face all at once! I hope that blogging about your new journey will help you sort things out and make it a little easier. I look forward to following along and seeing what tips I might pick up for myself!

Cheryl (Copperswife)

So sorry about the health scare! I'm glad it's all been figured out and that you're ready to move forward with this new, exciting phase of your life. I'll be right here reading along!


My dearest Clarice, thank you for sharing. I have always found your posts inspirational and am looking forward to your new season of posts.
You are such a creative woman and I know God will continue to use you creatively. X


Dear Clarice,

We will love you know matter what! Your spirit always shines through, and that is what everyone appreciates. Bless you in your new endeavors; we know how hard it can be to go sugar free! It DOES get easier, though!




Transitions always stretch us and move us out of our comfort zones! Wishing you courage and peace as you move into new habits and new roles. : )


Clarice, I'm so glad that have been so open about the newest challenges in your life. It appears that many of us are going through similar things, I am trying to go gluten free and maybe Paleo bu is a struggle. Please keep sharing your life on the blog!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

First of all - truth is always a breath of fresh air in my book! I think you will be a great resource for healthy eating and inspiration!

Stick Horse Cowgirl V

I am struggling with health issues also. My doctor says I will need a hip replacement in the future and losing some weight would help my pain levels and mobility. I've been sitting way too much at the computer, but I'm NOT supposed to walk - which I love--it's my favorite form of exercise. He says I can use a stationary bike and do water exercise. I am exploring doing a modified Paleo way of eating. I do love meat and veggies - would definitely miss rice and corn and bread! Funny as I've grown older I have gotten much more of a sweet tooth! I have been perusing Elana's Pantry blog and she has some amazing recipes! Especially for those of us who have a bit of a sweet tooth, but like me have adult onset diabetes in the family. I'm finding almond flour and a bit of vanilla, butter and maple syrup can make an amazing shortbread type cookie. I'm thinking desert every Sunday - a healthier version - say a chocolate moose, a shortbread made with almond flour and strawberries sweetened with juice could be nice. Or Strawberry Pavlovas! I am trying to lower the carbs - I truly feel like they are my downfall! Spaghetti squash is an amazing substitute for pasta - in fact I prefer it! You may find this opens an entire new venue for your blog!


Even with these changes you will be relevant to so many that struggle with the same issues. We are here to encourage each other and I say to you, good for you for making these changes. It will pay off for sure.
The seasons do change and the road takes a turn, life is an adventure.


I,too, have recently been told by my Doctor that I am pre diabetic and "a heart attack waiting to happen". I have to watch my diet - low carbs, little or no sugar and daily exercise. But, hard as it is, I have lost 30 pounds and hope to lose another 20. So your posts will be relevant to me and I am sure to anyone who cares about their health.
I am confident that you will surpass this challenge with your beautiful creative flair and I am excited to follow along with you. You always make it a fun ride! ;~D


Thank you for sharing Clarice. I know this has been a difficult road and it can be hard to share the good AND the bad. We love you and appreciate all that YOU are. We are on this journey with you! <3


Oh, Clarice!

How brave you are to share with all of us who love and care about you! I am so proud of you for embracing your new phase of life with the same joy and openness you have always done. To change your life for health and well being is what so many of us must do; you continue to be a shining example of what our darling Tasha said, "Take Joy!"

I can't wait to see what your new role will bring -- however, you will always be a remarkable wife, Mother, author, and friend! XXOO

As ever... m

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