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The Camellia Does Not Fall Far From the Tree

Teacup flow1

Chloe surprised me with this lovely vignette the other day.

Teacup flow4

We have a HUGE camellia tree and it is in full bloom. Floating camellia's in water is such a fun way to display them.

Teacup flow3

I love that Chloe gathered different tea cups. A simple but clever idea. I hope this means she has learned to appreciate the little things around her and how to make the most of them!

PS. this tea cup belonged to my great grandmother. A true treasure!

Teacup flow


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Dear Clarice,

Indeed, your daughters are lovely, gracious reproductions of their mother, in their own wonderful way! Your camellia blossoms are so sweet and pink; I'm glad that someone has beautiful blossoms to treasure this time of year!




Just darling.


Happy Spring, Clarice! What a lovely gift you have there. The tea cups are timeless...Thank you so much for sharing...


Like mother, like daughter. Pretty.

Martha Ellen

So precious! Hopefully our camellia will bloom soon--snow covered now. The squirrels eat the blossoms some years. ♥


Beautiful camellias in a charming vignette. Chloe is learning from you.


What a precious surprise, for your Dear Daughter to give to you!!!

And you have things in bloom, there! While we are still snow covered. Oh welllll... :-)

Tracy A.

How lovely...and how thoughtful!


What a lovely display for the camellia. Love your grandmother's teacup too.

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