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Daphne's Diary


    I was at Barns&Noble, perusing through the magazines. I was looking for a little mini-vacation. That is why I like magazines, for half hour they take to a different place and time. One hopefully less hectic than the life is right now.


    Well one magazine stuck out to me. It was different from all the others. Daphne's Dairy is sweet, old fashioned and is filled with all things that make a home a home.


    I was immediately besotted and that rarely happens to me, so of course I must share with all of you. There are crafts, recipes, beautiful homes and stores, travel, dolls, free cards but my favorite is the dairy entries about her life, her family.



    She has an English FB page. Also several videos that will give you an idea of what Daphine's Diary is all about. This is a Dutch magazine but I bought an English/UK edition. I hope you can find a copy. I did see that Amazon was selling some copies. Enjoy!!

Also a reminder my Egg book is free and perfect inspiration for this time of year.


Radiant Orchid

  Radient cab1001

    Did you know radiant orchid is the Pantone color of the year? I know because it is the theme color of the spring issue of Gatherings mag. So the last couple of months I have had radiant orchard on my mind. Which is fine with me but it is one of my favorite colors, a purple with a red cast to it.

Radient cab4

Radient cab3

    I wanted to work the color into my spring decor. I remembered a stack of scrapbook paper I had from a few years ago. I love scrapbook paper. It is pretty, really cheap and easy to use. I just taped sheets of paper to the back of my cabinet with double backed tape. I only taped the top of the paper, it worked!

Radient cab5

Radient cab7

Simple, easy to change out and a quick way to give the feel of the moment!

Radient cab6

The Camellia Does Not Fall Far From the Tree

Teacup flow1

Chloe surprised me with this lovely vignette the other day.

Teacup flow4

We have a HUGE camellia tree and it is in full bloom. Floating camellia's in water is such a fun way to display them.

Teacup flow3

I love that Chloe gathered different tea cups. A simple but clever idea. I hope this means she has learned to appreciate the little things around her and how to make the most of them!

PS. this tea cup belonged to my great grandmother. A true treasure!

Teacup flow

Gatherings Spring Issue

Spring cover

    Well after a lot of hard work (and eating lots of versions of my recipes) I am happy to announce the spring issue of Gatherings is out and boy is it beautiful. I am so lucky to work with such amazing ladies, Heather, MaaikeAnnette BosakovaTrishaBrink, Cristina Colli, Ingrid Henningsson and Ginny Donovan. I really love my job!

Spring 101

    As usual Annetta took stunning photos for me. My inspiration was Annetta's photography. Also using colors to inspire you in your cooking. I choose three colors: acid green, lemon yellow and mauvy pink. There are recipes for quinoa/kiwi salad w/ a chive oil/lime vinaigrette. My favorite dish is a ham and brie sandwich with slices of whole lemon; rich, sweet and bitter all at the same time. And to round out the meal a pink pomegranate ice cream, made with fresh pomegranate juice and rose syrup.


    You can see a sample of the magazine here. Also I have good news, a coupon! Just enter the code BLOGFRIEND and recive a 10% discount on all orders in our shop. I know each of us worked really hard on this issue to inpsire you and I hope you enjoy Gatherings xox

Lemon brie101