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Simple Cream Tomato Soup

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    Okay do not laugh at me, I am 51 years old, I have been cooking since I was 10 and I have never made cream of tomato soup. I guess I thought it would be like the canned stuff, which I am not found of but I decided to give it a try. I am so glad did because it has become a family favorite. I looked around and tried a few recipes but decided to simplify the recipe as much as possible. There is no roux, not straining out seeds and no chicken broth in this recipe. It really is about two things: tomatoes and cream. A perfect marriage!

    My favorite canned tomato is San Marzano tomatoes from Italy. The flavor is rich, deep and there is no tinny, overly acidic taste. Using heavy cream instead of whipping cream or half and half is important too. Heavy cream contains 36 to 40 % more milk fat and will give you a much richer tasting soup. I do not add fresh herbs until the end, to keep the flavors bright. This soup only takes half an hour to make and is very satisfying on a cold winter day.



Simple Cream Tomato soup

Serves 4-6 people (maybe 8 if serving really small bowls)


2, 28oz canned tomatoes (can be whole or chopped, does not matter)

1 whole onion, cut into small cubes

3 TBL butter

½ cup water

2 garlic cloves, finely minced

1 cup heavy cream

1 TBL honey

1 tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

Fresh thyme or basil (or both)


In a large soup pot add tomatoes, onions, butter, water, garlic, salt and pepper. Simmer on medium/low heat for 20 minutes. Then with a blender stick (or in a blender) puree tomatoes until smooth. Put tomatoes back in soup pot. Add cream, honey and herbs. Simmer for 5 minutes or so. Tastes and adjust. See notes about the honey.

Enjoy, we like this with grilled smoked mozzarella sandwiches and a big simple salad.



1. As stated above use the best tasting canned tomatoes. If using San Marzano tomatoes read the can and make sure they are actually from Italy. I get mine at Trader Joes.

2. When soup is finished if it tastes to acidic try adding a bit more honey.

3. This is a thick soup, you can thin it out with water or more cream if you prefer. It is rich but I would rather have a small bowl of rich soup with a big salad, than the other way around.

4. Leftovers can be used as a sauce on pasta or veggies. It can also be frozen.


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Creamy tomato soup is my very favorite. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Children of Eve

I love creamy tomato soup, in fact I crave it often. I try every recipe, but still have not hit on my perfect soup. Maybe this is it!


Oh sigh..... I even love the canned kind. But this sounds out-of-this-world.

Now I am soooooo hungry. -grin-

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