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Pantry Urn


  Most of you know I have a large kitchen. Two rooms in fact! One room was a breakfast nook but I turned it into a baking pantry. I suspected having a space with all my grains, equipment and supplies, organized and easy to reach would inspire me to bake more and I was right.


   Now I realize I am a lucky girl to have such a big kitchen and most of you do not have a whole room just for baking but hopefully some of my organization tips will help and inspire you.


    My latest idea is to take my whisks, rolling pin, baking spatulas, etc. and put them all in an old silver urn I was gifted. I found when I was in the middle of baking, my hands covered in flour, it was hard to open a draw and search through it for what I forgot to grab before I started baking. This way it is right where I can see it without getting dough all over everything. Everything easy to find, easy to grab. Plus it looks so pretty, an extra!


A few other baking organization tips.

1. I have 2 sets of baking cups and spoons. One set for wet, one for dry.

2. I buy in bulk and keep everything in glass jars on shelves, so I can easily see everything.

3. I group my gluten free on one shelf.

4. I have 2 sifters, one for flour and one for coco powder, so I do not have to rinse the coco one.

5. If you have room a low, long chest of drawers makes perfect storage for cookie sheets and pans.

6. I find being able to see everything helps me. So I try to make art out of my storage. Pretty and useful is my goal in my kitchen!

Largurn cut


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This would be wonderful to have a room just for baking. I would be baking all the time.


I see you have a dough whip in that urn. I have one just like it and I do like using it for my one-loaf-at-a-time bread recipe.

Good ideas, as always.


Welcome back!

Great tips, Clarice. I have many of my utensils in an old cookie jar. It really is more convenient for tools to be at arms length! Thanks for sharing...



And a work of Art...

martha holder

Very nice! I love this! I have deep drawers for my baking goods since I don't have a big kitchen like yours. I group sort of the same way in my drawers.

And, I am going to the attic in the morning and bring down my urn! Love. This. A. Lot!


You inspire me. Love this use of the beautiful urn, and the black bow. Also, caught sight of your red bows on the canisters. Prettying up ordinary things is such a wonderful idea. :)

Cay Gibson

Do you have a post about this baking pantry of yours?

Tracy A.

Wonderful idea-especially two sets of measuring spoons and cups. I'm always washing and drying and it's a pain!


That's a great idea...and so pretty!

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