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Valentine (walnut) Tree


    I did something a little different with my Valentine tree this year.


    I made strawberries out of walnuts. I just painted them, cut little leaves out of felt, which I glued on and ran a peice of thread through the leaf to hang them.


    A remake of my black and white Christmas kitchen tree. I left on the vintage pieces of hand crochet lace for garland.


    Simple and even though they are not hearts, it still feels Valentine to me xox



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This is such a cute idea--and now I know I need a Valentine tree!


This is so charming! Love it!


That tree is just too cute, Clarice. How inspiring. Now I wish I would have kept all those walnuts that were gathered this Fall. I was going to try to use them as hair dye, lol...but what a mess walnuts are to clean in their natural state. I gave buckets and buckets of them away!!!

Your tree is darling, I may just have to buy some walnuts and give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing, Clarice...

Tierney Barden

I never thought to have a Valentine tree. Leave it to you to continue to inspire and delight! Love the walnut strawberries ;)


Clever idea!


This looks so cute Clarice! You always come up with the cutest ideas :) Have a great weekend!


PS I made your Lemon Ricotta Cake and it is wonderful!!!


What a great idea,and they turned out so cute. I really like your Valentine tree....blessings friend


These are simply adorable! On vacation recently, I purchased a nativity scene in a hollowed out walnut shell! Love it!



So inventive!!!!!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

This looks darling!


Beautiful Clarice! Such a clever and creative idea


What a great idea. I love it.


that's very clever! and pretty!


So sweet, Clarice! Got to get going on my Valentines and decorations. Thanks for the inspiration! I've a couple walnuts left from Christmas...

Tracy A.

Love, love, love the walnuts! What a clever idea!


Adorbs! (As Stacy London would say.) You always show us the cutest things.... thank-you, Clarice!

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