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    Winter is a hard time to eat seasonally, local and plentiful. Organic is not cheap, ones garden is not putting out a lot but if you are like me, you are looking for ways to add more veggies to your diet. Sprouting is always a good idea but especially in the winter. It is an easy, inexpensive and you can always have greens on-hand.

Sprout 45

All you need is a jar, something to cover it like linen fabric or nylons. It is best to keep the jars at an angle using a stick, bowl or bicycle tube.


There are lots of different seeds or nuts you can use.  Just make sure you use organic seeds from a company you trust. This is a great post covering the basics. There is even an app for your i-phone/i-pad. Here is a list of what you can use and how long to soak it. I know this list is not complet, there is amaranth and onion missing and I am sure more. Do your resursh and enjoy!!

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Excellent point, Clarice. Especially at this time of year! Thanks for the reminder...


I use to sprout many years ago.
I should go back and do it again.
Thanks for the reminder.


I read recently about sprouting sunflower seeds in soil in a flat. I guess the small plants are very nourishing and delicious. No rinsing and rinsing. Just growing.

Brenda Nuland

Great suggestion! I actually have a sprouter I haven't used for years.

I especially love alfalfa sprouts. When Stephanie was little, she called them "awful sprouts" because she couldn't pronounce it. But her favorite childhood sandwich was cucumber and cream cheese with "awful" sprouts. ;)


I never thought of there being so many things, to sprout! Cool!

Gentle hugs,


What a marvelous idea! I am fortunate enough to be spending the winter where fresh produce abounds, but I would surely try your suggestion if I did not!

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