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    Warning, braggy mom post!!! I am always amazed at my daughters creative, out-of-the-box thinking. This Christmas was no different. Not only are their gifts so creative but always reflect the person it is made for. These are just the ones I got to photograph. There was also a ruffled edge scarf, crochet flower bracelets, cup holder and a zombie lima bean ornament (because David HATES lima beans). Chloe crocheted me a beautiful cover for a canning jar. In white just like I wanted!


Chloe also made her sister a felt doll, Ren from Uta No Prince-Sama anime.


Auberne` crochet this amazing cherry pin. It is a soft periwinkle, very delicate, I just love it.


The girls also made for their father this key chain. Each penny is from the year they were born.


My fav gift, this the bow tie Chloe made for her sis. The packaging was half the fun. Auberne` crocheted Chloe a Harry Potter scarf. Auberne` sold so many scarves this Christmas, it was all she was doing the month of December!!

Grey set

This is not a gift my girls made me but a little gift I splurged on myself. I love Bertha Louise Designs work and when I saw this necklace and earrings I had to have them. I find I am wearing them almost every day. Thank you Angela !!



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I always tell my children that my favorite gifts are the handmade kind. Lovely.

Tracy A.

How wonderful and thoughtful! What delightful girls!

Cheryl (Copperswife)

Such wonderful gifts! I love your girls' creativity.


Oh how creative... How wonderful for you, that you have nurtured such creative children.

Please take a moment, and pat yourself on the back, Mama. Really!



Creative and thoughtful girls you've raised. Love all the gifts.


What fun and lovely gifts. I love homemade gits.


Such thoughtful, creative gifts.
They did great!

Brenda Nuland

I love homemade gifts!

Stephanie made me the cutest little owl and it makes me smile whenever I look at it.

Gifts made by family members have the added touch of a lot of love.

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