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Christmas Menu 2013

  Doll menu dinner

    Happy New Year, I hope all is going well. I had a lovely month off but now December is over and life speeds on. I know this is a little late but better late than never. I will confess because I got so sick, I did a simplified version of this menu. I bought sabayon ice cream from our local ice cream store, instead of making the lemon mousse. Skipped the soup (but will write a recipe for all of you soon), wild rice instead of gratin. Other than that it was delish. I tried to create a menu that reflected our Russian/Eastern European Christmas theme. I am loving roasted grapes but am still tweaking the recipe. You want to roasted them long enough for the sugars to caramelize but not burn.

    Now that we are into a new year and there are so many stomach bugs going around I am focusing on cooking food for a healthy gut. They say 80% of your immune system is in your digestive track. So we are eating lots of probiotics like, fermented veggies, homemade yogurt, kifer and bone broth (I keep bags of saved chicken and beef bones in the freezer to use as needed). No sugar and lots of fresh veggie dinners. Have you made bone broth before? I do it in the crock pot for 24 hours and freeze it is mason jars for future use. Very easy to do!!


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Oh how I would love some mincemeat pie. Everything sounds just divine.


Your menu sounds yummy, and I'm sure it was. :-)

Oh yes, if only we would pay more attention to eating-for-the-good-of-our-gut!!! I am loving how much better I feel, when sticking to the "Rules" which my bod has "inflicted" on me, now days. :-)

I look forward to learning, learning, learning, as you continue with this quest.

Happy 2014!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

What a great menu and thanks for sharing your talents!


Your menu sounded lovely, even if it was revised.

I'm with you, Clarice, we are working toward good health too. None to very little sugar, lots of veggies and meats and a little fruit. I need to try the fermented veggies, but just haven't done that yet. I make lots of bone broth in the crockpot. It is almost unfair -- long cooking with no work!

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