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Gatherings Winter Issue, Celebrating Scandinavia


    I am so, so excited the Gatherings Winter Issue, Celebrating Scandinavia is out. I am over the moon about this issue. My submission is about New Nordic cuisine, a hot new food trend.


    I created a lunch perfect for a cold winter's day based on the tenets of New Nordic cuisine: Potato Apple Soup with Rye Crumbs and Lox, a Quick Pickled Beets and Fennel salad and Smoked Salt Gingerbread Cookies with Strawberry Jam, gluten free and vegan.


    I have to tell you this is only my second photo shoot ever but my first in someone else home and someone I had never met before! It is very strange to go through a persons cabinets you do not know.  But I knew I was in for a life changing moment when I drove up to this small French estate on the water. The girls and I just ohhhed and awwwed. It was a fun shoot. Annetta and I work well together and she took breath taking photos. Over all it is an experience I will never forget. I have to give a big shout out to Auberne` and Chloe, they worked hard and were perfect assistants. Thank you girls. Now I am looking forward to the spring issue, I already know what I want to do! You can purchase a copy here!

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Cheryl (Copperswife)

What great fun! Well done!


This looks amazing!!!


How lovely!!! And the food looks beyond delicious! xoxo


How fun and how I would love
being your assistant. Can't
wait for my copy of the magazine.

Account Deleted

These photographs look pretty and delicious Clarice. I love the Scandanavian style, and especially at Christmas. I love pickled beets!


So pretty!! Fabulous setting and the food looks scrumptious!


Oh Clarice, how exciting!!! I just love the way you have celebrated Scandinavian cooking. You did GREAT!

Thank you so much for sharing...



Photos take my breath away....


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