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    Every Thanksgiving I make a small token for each person as a reminder the year. In the past I have made:


acorn cross

copper pine cone

paper feather

book apple


    This year I made Thankfulness cups. I bough 99 cent IKEA mugs and an oil sharpie pen. On one side of all the cups it says Thankfulness, the other side has a quote unique to the person. Auberne`-Cuppa, my mother-cup runneth over, my sis-start your day, Chloe-shimmy for, hubby a mug full and me-Hem Your Blessings, You draw on the mug, set them on a cookie sheet and put the cups in a cold oven. Then turn on oven to 350, let the cups sit for 1 hour. Then turn off the oven and then let the cups sit in the oven another 1/2 hour. That is it and a perfect Thanksgiving keepsake!


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Account Deleted

I always enjoy seeing keepsake favors Clarice. This one is a lovely idea.

I hope you all will have a very happy Thanksgiving.


Tracy A.

What a lovely idea!


Nice! I love your idea!


What a GREAT idea, Clarice. I guess you could make them any holiday you like, even a few obscure ones like say, Happy Noodle Day, or such, lol...

Thank you so much for sharing, Clarice...I'm not near an IKEA, unfortunately, but, I imagine any good porcelain mug would work!


Clever! And so unique! Love it!

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