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Molasses Pecan Pie w/ Pumpkin

Candles and Feathers

Fether candl

    Well my computer is fixed (sort of, do not ask :-O ). I wanted to share this simple vignette I did because it is that, simple. Just some candles (the kind that are battery operated. There are times when I really appreciate those battery operated candles!!) and two black feathers off an old hat. I did feel like there was a bit too much space, so I added one of my necklaces. I love to look at pictures of lush tablescapes, filled to the brim with goodness and creativity but it can leave one feeling ... well lacking. I am finding I have less and less time to create dramatic tablescapes in my home. Sometimes I just want quick, easy and simple. It does not take a lot to make ones home look beautiful xox

PS. The pretty tray is from Ikea, $9.99. It is huge too, what a deal! Got to love Ikea!


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nice! Yes, IKEA is the best sometimes.

Tracy A.

Glad to see you back on the airwaves! I love vignettes from things around the house!


Simple, is always lovely...... No doubt about it.

Oh those candles! Love them. Want to get some. :-) There are many candles, but these are simply beautiful.



Looks neat. I usually don't comment on vlogs. I should get in the game again ;) Have a nice day.

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