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Pumpkin Pie Tip 5

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    So you have your pumpkins cooked and ready to use, your crust is waiting to be baked and your spices are fresh, the last thing is the filling!


Tip #5

Again pie filling is really about preference. I do not think there is a bad recipe but more simply someones preference. I know I prefer my simply, rich pumpkin pie. There are two tips I want to share with you about the filling.

  1. Pumpkin pie filling freezes beautifully. I make double batches and freeze them individually for future use. I know on Thanksgiving morning it is lovely to pull out the filling, let it defrost, fill a pie crust (probably out of the freezer too) and bake it off. One less step on a very busy day.
  2. Most fillings can be baked without a crust if it has egg in it. This is also a great way to make this dish gluten free. I suggest though you bake the filling more like a custard. Cook it in a lower temp oven 300F in a bain marie. It will create a much silkier custard. You can make these in the morning and set them in the fridge. Just pull out the custards a good 1/2 hour before you enjoy them.

I have enjoyed writing this series. If you have a any tips or recipes to share, please do!

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I freeze apple pie fillings like this, but hadn't thought of doing pumpkin. Thanks for the tips. I have enjoyed your series.


I would never have thought of freezing the ready mixed filling! Mind you, I make Edna Staebler's Mennonite recipe from Food that Really Schmecks. She puts the egg yolks into the filling mix before whipping the egg whites to a soft peak thickness and then folds the whites through the filling mix and pouring into the pie case. We love the fluffy light results!

We have usually grown our own pumpkins, but this year did not plant any.(It was a very cold wet spring.) Buying them at the store today, I have been shocked at how small and expensive they are. I paid 77 kr (thats about 15 dollars) for one ordinary sized Jack o'Lantern pumpkin! Good thing I still have a few packs of frozen puree left from last year!


Again, thank you so much for the Gluten Free tip!!!!!!!


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