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    An important part of pumpkin pie is spices, whether it is a lightly or heavily spiced, all cinnamon, spices add character to your pie. Just like the kind of pumpkin you use, the quality of your spices are important too!


Tip #4

    1. First the most import thing about spices is freshness. Those volatile oils in spices get lost quickly when ground.      

     2. Buy in small amounts. If you are lucky to have a store with a bulk section, make the most of it. Look for a store with a good customer base that means the turnover is fast. You do not want to buy ground spices that have been sitting around for a while. Also avoid those little bottled in the baking section. You have no idea how long it has been since they were ground. I have read it can be a good year. And heavens to Betsy do not buy those giant bottles at places like Costco, unless you can split it with a few friends or use it up in 6 months. I say ground spices last 6 months. After 6 months, I toss it. Another reason to buy a small amount. If you do not use it, you are not throwing away much money.  

    3. Ideally one should buy their spices whole and ground as needed. As I said freshly ground spices have a depth of flavor that is lost very quickly. For example nutmeg, I NEVER buy ground nutmeg. Fresh ground nutmeg has a peppery quality that is amazing in savory dishes but that quality is lost pretty fast. Nutmeg grinds easily with a microplane. Pepper is something else I only buy whole. A mini spice grinder (or coffee grinder) is a good investment and not that expensive.

Even though keeping your spices fresh may seem fussy, think of all the work you have put inot thta pie. One more small step will give you such a satifying result!

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I would have to confess to keeping my spices way too long on the shelf, but am learning to buy small bottles at Pensey's. Yes, love freshly ground nutmeg and black pepper. Have been known to grind in the coffee maker, much to the chagrin of my son who uses it for coffee.


A wonderful reminder! Keep your spices fresh.

Mmmmmm, I have a lot of purging to do. Oh yes I do! :-)


Beth P

What a great idea to have these mini posts on one subject! You are so right about grinding all your own spices if possible! I love nutmeg and often sprinkle freshly ground on top of my pumpkin cappucinnos, yummm! :D I am so addicted to cappucinnos that I never drink regular coffee any longer but I do still make a fresh pot for DH, his favorite is southern pecan so that is what my love gets!:D Keep the great posts coming my sweet friend and enjoy the weekend!

Tracy A.

I confess to not being a pumpkin pie fan, but have really enjoyed these posts!

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