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  Pumpkin pie tips

    I hope you found cooking and pureeing your pumpkin, as I mentioned in tip #2 easy? It is a bit time consuming. Still down the line when you are cooking and need some pumpkin, you will be glad that all you need to do is pull it out of the freezer. Now before you can bake your pie you need a crust!


Tip #3

I find people have strong opinions on the subject of pie crust. It is usually based on what they had as a child. I had butter crusts, like pate brisee. I was not raised on lard crust and find their flavor and texture a bit odd. BUT that is me and we do not have to agree on this. Everyone should suit their own palate. As much as I love butter crusts, I have been into oil crusts. I love them for several reasons.

  • They are super easy to make.
  • I dump everything in the pie pan, mix it, and spread it out, all in the same pan I bake with. No extra dirty bowls.
  • Great for anyone who is vegan.
  • If you use a good, buttery tasting olive oil it will add a wonderful depth of flavor to you pie. My favorite buttery oil is Zoe.
  • You can make whole wheat, gluten free, grain free or plain old white flour versions.

Even though I am making a lot of oil crusts, I try to keep some rolled out pate brisee in the freezer too. If you are in a real pinch, Trader Joes makes a really good pie crust. You will find a box of two in the freezer section!!

Image from pie 101, you can print up your own if you want, there is a link!!


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Thank you for the oil crust recipe and tips. I tried to switch to oil crusts many years ago when my dear, little mother had a major heart attack. No more butter, Crisco, lard for her. I was never successful with the oil crusts. I tried to roll them out and always had trouble. Now I'll have your 'secret' recipe so I'll make them again.


I grew up on "Crisco Crusts" but my MIL always made lard crusts. I love a lard crust. They seem extra flaky to me. Great little pumpkin pie series. I'm enjoying it. Thanks for the great tips.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... Will I ever get the courage to try my own G/F pie crust? -moan-

As for my "forever" Pies, it must be the same recipe I've used "forever." As you say, it's what one grew up with and... NOTHING else. LOL. As far as kids are concerned. My husband too........


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