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Pumpkin Pie Tip 2

Pumpkin Pie Tip 1

  Pumpkin pie tips

    Oh my gosh the first homemade pumpkin pie of the season! I am enjoying it for breakfast and it is so good. Let me tell you if all you have ever used when making pumpkin pie is the canned stuff, you are missing out.  I think I will write a series of pumpkin pie tips. So tip ...

#1. Cook and puree your own pumpkin! Also use a cooking pumpkin. Those pumpkins you carve are just that, pumpkins made to make pumpkin moonshine, not pies. They are stringy, watery and do not have much flavor. So splurge on a baking pumpkin or even a winter squash, there are so many different varieties. Trust me, you will thank me. Now my favorite baking pumpkin is long pie, which looks like a giant zucchini. What is your favorite pumpkin to bake with?


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Catching up a bit! I need to make a pumpkin pie. I LOVE it for breakfast, too! Thanks for the tips. Will get busy and bake soon.


Fabulous photo and great advice, as always! Cooking your own is always the best!


would like to get this blog by email


I like to use Fairytale pumpkins for cooking.

Sandi Butler

I have never seen canned pumpkin in our supermarkets here in Australia. Pumpkin is easy enough to cook and puree for recipes. The varieties I use are Queensland Blue and Butternut pumpkins. They are excellent in pumpkin scones. When I lived at home, mum and I would enter our cooking in the local country show for fun. We liked to watch the judging too. Mum had an entry in the pumpkin fruit cake section, the judges cut the cake in half to check for evenness of cooking, crumb structure...etc and well...this one cake (not mum's) had BIG CHUNKS of pumpkin through it (you heard gasps in the crowd). The pumpkin should have been pureed before mixing into the mixture....maybe it was a novice baker.


Haven't heard of a long pie pumpkin. Now I will be looking for one. Sounds yummy!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

One of my first "bad baking" experiences was in the 70's when I was 30ish and put raw pumpkin in the food processor and then directly in the pie. I had company for dinner and was learning to bake from scratch. The pumpkin pies taste like raw crunchy carrots. It's a good thing I had another dessert too. We all have our stories!

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