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Glass Pumpkin

  Glass pumpkin five

    I was so inspired by these globe pumpkins, I wanted to make my own. I have these beautiful antique pendent light fixtures for my kitchen but David has not had the time to install them. I decided to take one and make a temporary pumpkin.

Glass pumpkin three

    I used a bit of tacky wax to attach the spool to the top of the globe. (it is easy enough to remove the spool and clean the glass). I filled the urn with crumpled paper and some old crochet lace. Added the glass globe and whaa-laa a glass pumpkin. Quite easy to do and charming, which is what I love when crafting!

Glass pumpkin one darker


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Linda Colantino

Interesting glass pumpkin Clarice. Miss you!


Just stunning! The whole thing including the urn. Gorgeous. I picked up a glass globe last year with the same idea. Just goes to show great minds think alike!


Now you just need a glass slipper...!
Lovely, Clarice xxx


I love your glass pumpkin!


This is SO pretty! What a lovely display you've made!


I love this! It may be time for me to browse through some thrift stores to find some globes to make into pumpkins. Thanks for sharing - it's an inspiration!


That is such a beautiful project and inspiring me to dig out those old globes I have. Thank you. Hugs and Sparkles


It's gorgeous!


love! very clever reuse!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

This is totally original!!!



And thank you for introducing me to this new-to-me blog. Thank you much. And of course, I told her that I had come over to her blog, from "Storybook Woods" blog.


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