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Happy 1st of Autumn

Stocking Up For Autumn and Winter


    I know it is not quite fall yet but it is only 5 days way! At this time of year I have one thing on my mind, stocking up! I think it is because I am secretly hoping to be snowed in for week. Which sadly never happens here but it is my idea of heaven: home, baking away, nowhere to go, knitting by the wood stove. Anyways I am busy stocking up. Here is what is on my list so far.

Fall pears

Lots of wood to feed the wood stove.

A 50# bag of flour as I am baking bread almost every day. Baguettes are my new favorite thing to bake.

3-20# boxes of organic apples

1-20# box of pears to make Roasted Pear sauce, which I will freeze in glass canning jars.

Ingredients to make elderberry syrup in case we get sick.There is a recipe in Wren Bay.

At least 30# of dark chocolate. At Christmas time the stores have bigs sales on chocolate, so I stock up for the whole year.

Making sure all my spices are fresh for baking.

Checking my flannel sheets and ordering new ones if needed.

Same with my SmartWool socks.

Bone broth for the freezer.

I am hoping to make a wool petticoat out of a wool skirt. I will straighten the skirt and add a ruffle to lengthen it from another skirt. I have so many dresses and would like to wear them in the winter but with only hardwood floors, my legs get cold.

A new puzzle.

Collecting pine cones on my property for kindling starters.

6# of tea  ordered (we drink 12# a year!)

Oil for my oil lamps and a new box of matches.

And I am sure there will be more I will think of. I would love to hear what you are stocking up on?



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I come to you from Marilyn's blog -- and I can see why she enjoys yours so very much! My partner Rick is into making baguettes -- still perfecting it, but they taste fine to me! I hope yours are wonderful!
jeanie from Marmelade Gypsy


Oh....I'd hate to think of how many pounds of tea we sip in a year. We buy most of it in two pound bags at a go. :) I just got in our tea and coffee order for my holiday sales. I've got the loveliest Christmas Spice Tea that I bagged up for selling, but had to set aside my own secret stash. Actually, I just finished a cuppa of it and did share with my boys so it's not much of a secret! It's delightful.
I love your list of fun things to stock up and am off to follow your links down the rabbit hole....

I, too, live in a cold climate (New Hampshire), and I wondered how a wool petticoat would be. But I found a simple, cozy alternative. Underneath my winter dresses and skirts, I wear a pair of sweater-knit tights, and over those I pull on a pair of over-the-knee socks in the same color. (The trick to those over-the-knee socks is...don't pull them over the knee...haha. Seriously, I just fold all that extra length down like a cuff, and they stay up beautifully!) When I'm home, I then wear my boiled wool slippers and stay cozy all day. And if I'm going out, I just pull on my boots, and look feminine, yet am warm even on the coldest days.

Laura Lane of Harvest Lane Cottage

We were snowed in a few years ago for a week. It was fabulous, but only because we had all we needed and had no where we had to go.

Laura>Harvest Lane Cottage


we were snowed in more than once and believe me - No Fun. No Electricity. No Heat. No No No .... I am planning on a whole house generator and then? Snow Snow Snow...take down the power lines.... do your worst...


Dear Clarice,

You're doing a great job stocking up! Every year I wish we had a wood stove or fireplace to stock up for~ Maybe a miracle will happen and this will be the year!

We're stocking up the freezer with tomatoes and drying them, too, as well as squash and other veggies.




Daughter and I made several quarts of apple sauce for the pantry and now my tomatoes are all ripening so I better get them canned up too. I usually try to stock up on coffee (and a little tea) and I like to have a freezer full of meat (coming soon) and plenty of toilet paper. We have been snowed in several times, but I usually have plenty stored. When you live in the country, you stock up.


Ahhhh, what a delightful post! Even though I'm fighting off a cold, on an unseasonably warm day, it inspires me to want to make lists, at least.

And lists are the first step, aren't they? ,-) Who ever gets anything accomplished, without a list.

Again, love this post!


Tracy A.

Wonderful post! My idea of heaven is knitting or reading by the fire, while a storm rages outside!


Hmmn, we get plenty of snow here, although I don't have to worry about being snowed in as my farmer husband is pretty good with his snowplough!
Our stores had an amazing end of summer sale in August and I stocked the freezer with salmon and trout fillets, pork fillet and chops and minced beef. Mixed frozen vegetables and flour (I got 18kg) and yes, chocolate! All at 50% off! I am freezing homegrown runner beans and zucchini, both of which have been plentiful this year.

Our Autumn is truly here already. Every morning I watch flocks of geese and swans circling overhead and the migrating garden birds are leaving quickly too. I light candles every evening and last night I lit the woodstove for the first time. I love this season!


Let the fall leaves fall
And the cold snow snow
And the rain rain rain 'till April:
Our coats are warm
And the pantry's full
And there's cake upon the table.

-Clyde and Wendy Watson

homespun living

My brother gave me some pears from his tree last week, and I made your roasted vanilla pear sauce and froze it up in glass canning jars :) My whole house smelled heavenly as it was cooking--it is a huge favorite around here. Thank you again for sharing that recipe,


My hubby would be in heaven (as a tow truck driver) with a week of good snow!
It has felt a bit fall like the past few days around here in Western Washington though. In fact I need to find my slippers, as my feet are a bit chilly!
We have been stocking up the woodshed, as wood is our only source of heat, so we need plenty. I have also been busy trying to fill up the pantry with home-canned goods. I will hopefully be making honeycrisp applesauce this afternoon!



Oh! I forgot to mention, I will stock up on books too..My favorite is the Ox Cart Donald Hall, and of course a whole list of Reading Rainbow books..:)


Oh! Boy! Id love to be snowed in for a week! It has not happened in a while. We usually get 3 good snows per yr , however we got 3 inches total last winter . Something has changed drastically around here, it is not right.
I live in a little Quaker town in NJ called Moorestown..I had not thought of stocking up, but you have inspired me to do so. It can't hurt and I did have to walk in the snow once to our local 7-11 store to buy eggs,juice and bread to carry us through the thaw out .I think, I will stock up on broth, tomato tins because I dont know how to can, and tinned fruits, along with flour, sugar and coffee.. Maybe some bacon for flavoring though Im trying to go vegetarian. I have plenty of cloth to make quilts, including flannel quilts. Im learning to knit , yes at 50 Im now learning to knit. However I think I will buy socks this yr.!!I knew a group of poeple who made a pact to go a whole year without buying anything new. Wow! i think its great if you can..Be well Clarice! Izzy.


I laughed out loud when I read your dream of wanting to be snowed in for a week. Me, too! And that NEVER happens here. Well, I think it did in 1996 or something, but we didn't live here then.
I'm stocking the freezer full of berries, pesto and peaches in orange juice. The basement shelves are filling with pickled green beans, jams of all sorts, salsa and tomatoes and more.
I'm looking at my wardrobe and wondering what I want to sew for the fall. It's a great time of year!


The wood piles are building up around here too Clarice. It sure sounds like you're hunkering down in hopes of a snowed in winter.

I'm not much of a bread baker but oh my goodness, my daughter is and when she bakes bread she usually sends me some all the way from Idaho!

I actually like the notion of being snowed in too. Just once though. I don't think I could stand an entire winter being snowed in, lol...

Thanks for sharing, Clarice...

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