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Happy Autumn

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    Happy beginning of Autumn. I know it is not officially fall but for me September 1 is the beginning of fall. Chloe and I have a tradition on the first of September we take down all decorations, put all summer stuff away and pull out our big orange box, full of autumn stuff. Chloe take her corners, I take mine and we decorate just the way we want. Each year has a bit of a color theme, some year red and gold, some years black and white. This year I am thinking purple, red and gray this year but we will see ;-)

Here is some autumn decorating ideas to inspire you.

1. Make Wood Pumpkins 2.Make Faux Candy Apples 3. Hydrangea Image 4. Twine Pumpkin 5. Beans and Rice Centerpiece 6.Plaster of Paris Covered Leaf


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Well Fall is definitely here where I live, and I have also got several spaces decorated up.
I found a dear little coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl set handmade in copper and brass, which are sitting on my mantle piece, along with silk sunflowers, apples, pears and deep wine coloured roses with a carpet of fallen leaves under them. Candles in burgundy, pumpkin and moss green finish it off. I love Autumn decorating :)


I'm not ready for summer to end just yet, but I do anticipate the fall. I love it. Great ideas.


Fall is great, but I'm hanging onto these summer days for as long as I can.

Tracy A.

I can't wait for the crisp weather and colors of autumn! My favorites!

Lora @ my blessed life

I agree! The first day of September just feels like Fall has arrived:)


What beautiful fall goodness! Thank you for sharing!!!! Hooray for fall! xoxo


Oh yes! September 1st issssss theeeee dayyyy! :-)

Happy Autumn and Happy Autumn decorating to you!



Hi Clarice!

I'm just not ready to succumb to Fall yet. I know I should prepare but...Perhaps I need some inspiration. Thanks for that and thank you so much for visiting my blog, Louise

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