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Chalk Wall

Chalk wall 1

    I am slowly making progress with my kitchen makeover. The long black hardware is up, the grey mable back splash gleaming and now a chalk wall. I picture my kitchen looking like something out the Hugo movie; Victorian, French but a bit more girly. I really want a black and white kitchen but this is a dark, cold room. Plus add all the dark grey days we have in Washington and I felt I needed to go light handed with the black. So I am using touches of black here and there, that and the pale yellow walls I am hoping will add warmth to my kitchen.

Chalk wall 22

    I decided one chalk wall would give the feel of Patisserie that I wanted.The archway goes to my baking pantry (which is stuffed and disorganized, until we can move the refrigerator), so in a way I am a Patisserie. In the left corner it say Mrs. Storybook Woods in French. Am I thrilled with how my chalk writing turned out? No, but I have 10 foot ceilings and was terrified standing on that tall ladder trying to write something (my hands were shaking because I fall off everything). So I am embracing the best I can do. Sometimes you just have to do that!

Chalk wall 3

    I have to say painting a chalk wall is easy, so I encourage you to try it if you have been wanting one. I am loving the look of my kitchen and it inspires me to cook every day. Baguettes is my lastest favorite! Next thing on our to-do list is finishing the ceiling, put up old tin tiles and hang antique, cut glass pendants, which will hang over my French marble pastry table! More to come!


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Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

This looks great - how fun!

Beth P

I LOVE that chalk wall! What a unique and ever so cool idea!!! I can't wait to see more progress on your kitchen :D Hmmm, now what wall would look good in my house with that wall?! :D
Beth P


Really gorgeous and very inspiring! I love the color of your cabinets.


Love it! This is making want French bread! ;-)


Terrific! I like the pink cabinets next to the chalkboard wall.


How marvelous! And - "embracing the best you can do", what wise words!

Account Deleted

Clarice, I absolutely love your chalkboard wall. It's "just enough". I've been enjoying watching your kitchen come together. All of your ideas for the future sound wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing more.


It looks even better in person!

Sue Neitzel

I love it, it turned out nice!

LaDonna Lateadah

Simply divine! Most beautiful and inviting!!!


I love it! From the picture I thought your walls were a light pink with yellow in the pastry room. I thought that would be nice. Great picture. Nice chalk black wall.


Love it!! I may have to try!


I love your chalk wall Clarice! I'd love to have one in my kitchen -- just a touch of one like you have. Well Done!


Oh gracious, it is beauuuuuuuuutiful!!! I love it. You have to be so happy, with it.

Your blackboard wall and your writing on it, are marvelous. Oh please don't go climbing up there again, any time soon! Plllllllease! I so fear falling. Can't imagine anyone being on a tall ladder. Brrrrrrrrrrrr... Shiver... -moan- :-)

It's lovely and I'm so happy for you. It's super, when plans are coming together. I look forward to more pics of more updates.

The old tin tiles sound Yummmy. And the antique, cut glass pendants, which will hang over your French marble pastry table, sound delightful too!!!!

Happy Monday!

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