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    I know I just posted about raw granola and I do eat raw a lot for breakfast but I love eggs too. I find my self altering days. My family adores browned potatoes and eggs. Well one day I was out of potatoes and was looking for a replacement. I had a big stack of corn tortilla's that needed to be used. It is when I need something, I find my yummy ideas. I cut the tortillas into little squares, crisped them up in a bit of butter, added some fresh eggs and topped it all with salsa. A new breakfast favorite! Actually topped with some roasted veggies, this would make a yummy dinner and it is gluten free!


Tortilla Scramble

Server’s 1-2 people


4 small corn tortillas, cut into small squares

1 TBL butter

1-2 TBL oil

2 eggs

1 TBL milk

Salt and pepper to taste (option, I add a bit of dried granulated garlic)

In a small bowl whisk eggs, milk, salt/pepper and set aside. Heat a non-stick pan over high heat, add oil and butter. When butter has melted, add tortillas. Let them brown and crisp up a bit. Then add eggs and gently stir until the eggs have cooked.



1. I use scissors to cut the tortillas. I cut them into strips, then pieces.

2. I like to serve this dish with salsa and fresh avocado.

3. You can add grated cheese to the eggs just before cooking them.





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Yum, that sounds good! We like breakfast burritos -- eggs, bacon or sausage, salsa, cheese, etc. all rolled into a warm tortilla.

Tracy A.

Wonderful! Many years ago, I lived in Texas for a long stretch of time. Eggs and tortillas were a regular combination. Thank you for reminding me of how much I loved them!

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