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   I really love raw food for breakfast and lunch. One of my favorite raw food dishes is raw granola. There are lots of different versions out there but mine is a combo of dried fruits, nuts and coconut oil. Sometime I use more nuts to make it really crumbly and sometimes I use a bit more oil and dried fruit to make more of a paste. Either way, it is delish and perfect this time of year over a big bowl of fresh fruit.

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Raw Granola 

Serves 1-2 people

3 dried dates, pitted

1 generous TBL of extra virgin coconut oil, I only use Nutiva

6 dried sour cherries, or equivalent other dried fruit to your liking

a pinch of sea salt

10 walnut halves or other nuts

a pinch of vanilla paste

In a food processor (I have a mini-one and these are really great for raw granola or candy) process dates and coconut oil until you get a bit of a paste. Then add the rest of the ingredients, pulse chop until you get a consistency you like. The whole thing should not take more than 60 seconds to make.Then crumble it over a bowl of fresh fruit.


I actually do not measure, I just wanted to give you an amount to work with. I find it is good no matter if it is crumblier or creamier. Play with it and find what you like!!

I throw some hemp seeds on top.

I soak and dry my dark skinned nuts ahead of time for help remove phytic acid.  

(I keep bags of soaked, dried nuts in the freezer. It also takes away the bitterness.)

You can add raw coco powder. And spices too!

If it is not sweet enough for you, you can add a bit of raw honey.

The skys the limit on what you put in your raw granola!!



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Linda Colantino

Well this looks really good. I have never tried something like this but know I would love it. Did you enjoy your company?
Love and miss you,


Yum, I would like to eat that. Have you tried making the homemade Larabars? I love the commercially made Larabars (carrot cake).


Sounds delicious!!!

Welcome back, from your little blogging holiday. I hope it was lovely, for you.


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