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New Dining Table

  Round table2

    It pays to wait, that is my motto. I have been wanting a round pedestal table for a long time. I thought it would fit the space better and I was right. I have been watching craigslist for almost 2 years, for you see I am tenacious! I set a price, a low price and wait. That is what I did for my beautiful antique tufted back sofa. I got it for $100, after waiting for a long time. She start off at $300 and slowly brought the price down. Interestingly enough, right after I called, she got flooded with calls.


Round table1

   Well this dining room table was the same thing. They started out at $200 and slowly dropped. I think the reasons both of these items did not sell is because they had horrible pictures, you could barely see the item. Well is pays to wait, when this table finally hit $20.00, yes, twenty dollars, I thought I could do that. It is not perfect, a little small. It does have two leaves but they are small too. The top is a bit dinged up. I may paint it white but actually I am loving it right now the way it is. I love the caster feet!!


Round table3

   I am still going to keep my eye out for a bigger pedestal table but for $20.00, I will have no problem reselling. So the motto of my story, is wait for what you really want, do not settle, do not pay too much. Just wait!!!


Round table4


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Tierney Barden

Great score, Clarice! I've always been a sucker for pedestal tables, and you've got a beauty. I'm sure that table will bear witness to many fantastic conversations and fine meals. ;)


Dear Clarice,

What a great find! I love the fit in your corner with the big window (lucky girl!).



Tracy A.

$20.00!!!! The only thing that I like better than a good deal is telling others about it! Good for you Clarice!


Congratulations on your ability to WAIT!

What an inspiration you are. Especially in this world of now-now-now.

Thank you.



It's beautiful Clarice! And that price -- what a deal!!!


It is beautiful and I agree with you, you got a good bargin!!! Dianntha

Sue Neitzel

Deal of the day and it looks right at home!!


Wow! Now THAT is a deal! I like how it looks as is. :) Great find, Clarice!


I love it! good deal, too.


It's a perfect fit! What an amazing price, too!


Oh my goodness, Clarice! The deal of the century! :) Congrats and that's great advice about waiting for just the right deal. Blessings, Debra


It looks great.


Thumper you stay away from the rollers and legs you little rabbit! Hi Rabbit!


What a great table! What a great price!
I love the scale, fits perfectly. Rollers too.
Meant to be in your home I believe.

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