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Happy Autumn

Happy Tasha Tudor Day


    Happy Tasha Tudor day!! It has been 5 years since Tasha passed and she still inspires me all the time. One of the ways she inspires me is in how I dress. I have posted about how there is just certain styles that make me think of Tasha. I call it Tasha Glam! Which, LOL, Tasha would probably hate the term but I do not mean it a superfical way. I think Tasha more that anyone understood how the way one dresses, conveys ones feelings and intent. I know she was fiercely independent in her dress and did not care that others stared at her in her 1800th century garb.


    I am sure Tasha had her outfits for work and ones for play. She enjoyed both the beauty and function of clothes. I think it is in the function of clothes that Tasha has inspired me the most. For no one worked like Tasha. She chopped her own wood, milked her goats, beat and wove flax, not to mention her garden. She was a worker and she knew what she wore would help her, maybe it even inspired her, like it does me.


    The one item that makes me think of Tasha more than anything else is an apron, or as we call it in my house, a pinny. I do not know how one can keep a home and not own an apron. It is the symbol of homemaking to me and one of the best tools of the trade. When I need to do some serous work around my home, I put on my pinny, think of Tasha's tenacity and got to it!! Pleas join Tasha's family in remembering her. I hear there may be a give-away!


Tasha apron Collage10
Images left to right 1.Tasha, 2. AudreyEclectic 3. Dottie Angel 4. JoJoandEloise ruffled apron tutorial 5. make a tea towel apron 6. Sewing in the Past


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karen andreola

When I read about Tasha Tudor in a magazine while flying on an airplane in the 1990s, I send away for a copy of the biography (written by her daughter) "Drawn From New England." I was charmed.
Our local library keeps their copy on the shelves for children, probably because she was a children's book illustrator.
Karen A.

Pearl Maple

Happy Tasha Tudor Day Clarice!
Love the message from Tasha about embracing a life connected with nature


Happy tasha tudor Day, dear Clarice! I made a new apron just for today! I used a thrifted rose print skirt, which I deconstructed and added a deep gingham border and ties to. It makes me so happy. We had homemade applesauce for dessert today, that is so Tasha, too; and I have 10lbs of plums in my pantry waiting to be made into plum butter. Just loving Autumn.

Linda@There and Back Again

Lovely. I also read your post from last year. Now I will celebrate Tasha each year the same way I celebrate Julia Child's birthday. Thank you for the inspiration.


this is so lovely, Clarice~ I wear my "pinnie" whenever I work~ yours are such sweet ones, I love the red work~
Happy Tasha Tudor Day to you!

xo. Christine


What a LOVELY post! I knew it would be so. Such gorgeous photos! I DO indeed own an apron - but oftentimes I forget to put it on! Silly me! Hope Tasha would not be too disappointed in me. This weekend I DEFINITELY shall bake something in her honor! :) xoxox

Sandi Butler

Happy Tasha Day, Clarice. Lovely post. I do love wearing aprons too. Mostly when doing the cooking! :)


Hi Clarice,
I love aprons too and wear daily especially in the kitchen.
Happy Birthday Tasha Tudor. Please join me at my blog for a tour of my recent lovely visit to the current Exhibit "Unending Delight" at the Tasha Tudor Museum ~ see who I was delighted to meet!!!
Thank for the lovley post ~ Melissa


Great post. I love the photos. Here is mine


Happy Tasha Day, my friend! I cant believe its really been five years since she's been gone. She inspires me all the time as well!
What a beautiful and simple outfit your daughter has for picking in the garden! Perfect for a hot summer day.
And thanks for including my petticoat tutorial in your link! :)

Tracy A.

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!


Love your post ...I too celebrated Tasha at my own blog. Maybe you would like to go see...heres the link....Blessings friend.

Brenda Nuland

Hi, Clarice!

Here is a link to my Tasha post. :)


Happy Tasha Tudor Day backatcha Clarice. I love aprons and I love that you call them pinnies!


Dear Clarice,
I totally agree with you I adore wearing aprons and yes I too call it a pinny
Happy Tasha Day to you

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