Make an Herb Brush
A Quinoa Tip!!


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Such a full, old-fashioned looking rose. I'd be honored to have a rose like that on my walkway.


Oh my goodness! How beautiful! I think Wren would love it!!!! :)

karen andreola

Your Thomas Hardy roses are gorgeous. Good idea to give him right-of-way with the pathway to your door. An abundance of pinky peach petals on one bloom give him old-fashion authenticity . . . as far back as the age in which Thomas Hardy wrote. (I read "Under the Greenwood Tree" in winter).
Karen A.

Children of Eve

So gorgeous---I am swept away!

Account Deleted

That's such a pretty rose. I bet it's a nicely fragrant one too, which is lovely along a pathway, I think. The center of this rose is very pretty. Is it an old rose, or a David Austin? Today I was at the plant nursery and the only David Austin rose they had was the golden Graham Thomas, which has a beautiful old rose shape like your rose. It has a lovely strong tea rose fragrance. I was looking for something in a different color, so I left it there, but it was a treat to see, all the same.

I hope you are having a nice summer.

Take care.



I would too!
Smiles, Dottie



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