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Pearl Cabinet


    One of the features that sold me on my home is this built in. Isn't it lovely? Mrs. Mathews owned this home 50 years and she loved pink too. The inside was painted peach but I wanted something that felt like mother of pearl. When we first moved in 13 years ago, I tried painting it but really did not get what I wanted.


    Recently I was gifted a pot of Annie Sloan paint, the color Antoinette. I had never worked with chalk paint before but now I am a fan. I hate painting and find it frustrating but Annie's paint is so simple. It is really is wonderful to work with and if anyone local is looking for Annie paint check out Ole and Inga in Poulsbo. Molly is the sweetest, tell her your my friend!! Because I wanted the paint underneath to still show a bit, I would paint on some paint and then wipe it off. I kept repeating that pattern until I got the look I wanted. You can see brush strokes and some of the dark copper from before. After I was happy with the pink, I painted a light layer of pearl acrylic paint, Martha Stewart. I just used the little plastic bottle from Michaels.



    I reorganized my cabinet. I had so much in there you could not see a thing. It was a hard choice but I thinned things out and put the rest of my tea cups and such below.



    Besides my newly painted cabinet, I wanted to show my birthday gift from my mother. I saw these glasses at an antique store but did not have the money. I love them because each glass has a hand-etched saying, I Love You, My Beloved, Forever Yours, etc. I have never seen anything like them and they go so well with my pink lusterware. Thank you mom.

Pinkcup collage

    Lastly I have one more birthday gift to share. Dianntha made me this sweet flower fairy necklace. I love it, thank you for thinking of me! Well I am off to paint, I have more projects to share soon xox



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Lovely! I put out my seaside theme tabletop just the other day and included the mermaid print that you gave us some years ago- that is just showing in your last photo here. Sadly the frame hopped off the back wall somehow and broke. I shall have to get another copy soon. You are so inspiring and make me look twice at how I decorate my home. Thank you, dear Clarice!

Maggie Buchanan

Beautiful & those glasses are lovely, what a perfect fit for you! It's wonderful when what you have wanted for a long time comes together perfectly! Hope you have a great weekend ....Bear Hugs !

homespun living

Great cabinet; perfectly mother of pearl color!


It looks so good!!! Everything!! Dianntha

Tierney Barden

Wow, that looks amazing, Clarice! Beautiful color choice and beautiful work. Picture perfect!


Oh wow, Clarice! Breath-taking! Love, love every bit of it. Blessings, Debra

Lady Katherine

Love the colors, the cabinet is awesome. The background makes the china stand out.


So pretty! And I LOVE those glasses!


What a great peek into your cabinet. I can see why it sold you on the hosue.
You do make it sound like a doable project for those of us with not as much experience on the important projects.

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