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Make an Herb Brush

  Herb brush 1

The trick with using an herb brush is to baste often. When the heat from the meat hits the herbs, it causes the oils in the herbs to release and flavor your meat.

    We were having grilled lamb for dinner, which is such a treat for us. We love lamb and rarely get to enjoy it. So I wanted to really do something special. I decided to make an herb brush. I have not made one for a long time and was surprised just how much flavor it added to the lamb. I also remember just how quick and easy it is to make one. I chided myself for not making more of these. They are perfect for simple grilled meats and veggies like portabella mushrooms. It is also a clever way to use those overrun herbs in your garden.

Herb brush lable

    I have a lot of herbs. This years I have; bay, rosemary, chives, basil, pineapple sage, thyme, chocolate mint, lemon balm, rose geranium and sage.The two herbs I miss the most and did not get planted is, lemon verbena and cinnamon basil. Herbs from the garden are such an effortless and cheap way to add flavor to a dish. Next time you are grilling, I encourage you to make an herb brush!

PS Thank you hubby for being supportive and modeling the herb brush I made for you :-)

Herb brush

Herb Brush

1 stick from your yard

A bunch of herbs, makes sure they have not been sprayed with any pesticides or chemicals.


Pick your herbs, in my case I used; sage, rosemary, basil and thyme. Clean them, bunch the herbs around a stick and wrap well with string, then tie off. You can use anything liquid for basting. I like a good olive oil with some minced garlic. You can use butter but since it tends to harden when not hot, add a bit of oil to it. The trick with using an herb brush is to baste often. When the heat from the meat hits the herbs, it causes the oils in the herbs to release and flavor your meat. Simple dip the herbs in the basting liquid and brush on meat/veggies as it grills.Repeating often!


1. Pick a stick long enough so your hand is not over the hot coals when you baste the meat.

2. Simply run your herbs under an outdoor faucet, to clean them, unless they are really dirty. Just give them a shake to get off exsess water.

3. 100% cotton string is preferable.

4. Sadly your herbs cannot be reused after grilling but you can save your stick for future use.



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Great idea, Clarice! Thank you!


That is fantastic. We BBQ every Sunday, so I am totally going to use this idea. I've never heard of that, so very cool. You are full of cool. :)

Tracy A.

Wonderful idea! I confess though, that I probably would not use it for lamb!


As always, a brilliant idea! Your hubby is a good sport.


That is a great idea! I hope to try it.


What a great idea. Herbs and grilling go together well. You have a lot in your garden - isn't it fun?

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