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A Quinoa Tip!!


    I have written about this before but I think it bares repeating. Not only is quinoa a SUPER food and one that should find ways into your meals but it is perfect for cold, grain salads. So many grains and rice’s, when chilled clump together in a goopy, lumpy mess but not quinoa. It cooks beautifully and chills beautifully too. It never clumps; just gently push with a fork and the quinoa easily breaks up.

    I try to keep some cooked quinoa in the fridge to add to scrambled eggs in the morning, veggie wraps for lunch and side dishes at dinner. I love the nutty taste. When we first started eating quinoa, I would cook it in broth but now that we love it, I just cook it in water. I know it will be perfect for our dinner tonight, Sicilian Salad; lemon vinaigrette, quinoa, slow roasted tomatoes, garlic greens, fresh spinach, dried current and toasted pine nuts!



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Such a variety of things you can do with quinoa. I had a lovely, cool quinoa salad this weekend and it was perfect for a hot summer night.

Tierney Barden

Another fan Clarice, I eat quinoa almost every night with black beans, lemon zest and some pink Himalayan salt, and always with a big pile of steamed veggies on the side. I'll definitely try your dinner to shake my routine up a bit!


Yum! Your supper sounds delicious. I love quinoa too. It's a "new" food to me, and a good one.

Linda Colantino

i know you have been celebrating your birthday all week...sounds so fun. I was thinking of my visit to you last year. With the baby, we haven't gone anywhere this year...sigh. I hope we can get up your way before too long. Waiting for OTTO now.
I have been looking at a little gift for you that I got early this week...still haven't gotten it mailed, but it will be coming!
Love ya, Linda


Great tip, Clarice! I've seen it used for breakfasts and desserts, too. Haven't tried them yet - but I think I will. :)

Tracy A.

I literally just finished scrambled eggs into which I had added some quinoa! Great minds think alike!

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