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A Corner Of My Home

  Outdoor plant51

    These steps are my favorite parts of my property. This is the back of our home but it use to be the front porch many years ago. There is a small road behind us but it was the main road and this was the front of the house. The minute I saw all that stone work, I feel in love. It is always shady and peaceful here.

Outdoor planer22

    I wanted some planters but did not want to fuss with a plant. I get so busy, I was afraid I would forget about them and they would die. So what is a girl to do? Plant sea shells and old, broken china cups. What I love about this is the mossier and dirtier it gets, the better it looks!

Outdoor plant1

     The planters are white plastic but I painted them black a few years ago. The paint started peeling off, so I gave them a spray coat of bronze, without covering all the black. I can see some of the copper paint is peeling off but that is cool. Next year I will give them a coat of silver. Each year, a new coat! So do you have a spot when you can plant some sea shells and china?

Outdoor plant52


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Thank you for sharing such a lovely spot of your home!


Looks lovely, Clarice! Love all that stonework!


I love the steps and stone walls. They add such a lot of character to the place.


It's a really beautiful spot. I love your seashell-teacup pots!

Nan York

Beautiful photos of your steps. I love stone work. Did you know we can't have that here in Alaska due to freezing which has expanding and contracting going on so much that even our steps have hindges on them to give. Did you know that? Nan


Dear Clarice, we lost so many plants in the garden this last winter that I am quite discouraged with it all...but as always you take a sideways glance at life and come up with a winning idea. Just what I need to encourage me to get on out there and do something ! Gill.


really love this back area that used to be the front. how quaint! I love the idea of using broken cups with sea shells.


I love your planters and ooooooh! This outdoor peek makes me more certain than ever that your house is just about the most enchanting one I've ever seen. So unique and special--you are blessed! ... Debra

karen andreola

I can see how this would be a favorite part of your property. I like all those handsome stones, too.
When I visit my parents, who live a block from the Atlantic Ocean, I bring home some seashells for the garden. The large clam shells keep down weeds and when they get moss on them they look like they belong here.
Your china reminds me to stick into the garden my teacup-on-a-pole. The daisies are getting high enough for it.
Karen A.

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