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    Wow, kitchen remodeling is exhausting and we still have a long way to go, a four year plan to be exact. David tore out the lath and plaster ceiling, hung sheet rock (on a 10' ceiling by himself). The ceiling still needs to be painted and new light fixtures (we are making) hung.


    Our old stove was going and I have been watching for a professional gas range. I found a scratch and dent Bertazonni 36' range for an amazing price. Thank goodness we found her because 2 weeks before we got her put in, the old one completely died. So the timing was perfect!


    There was a lot of work to put her in. We needed a back splash that could take heat and choose honed marble. I LOVE it, it looks soo old world to me and was a pretty economical choice! David treated me by getting a pot filler and all I can say is if you get a chance to have one, DO IT. I love mine and can see it will be used a lot.



    David still needs to build a wood cover for the vent and hood. We need to paint over the old wallpaper. I was going crazy not having a stove for two weeks. It was 81 days from purchase to install :-O I was like one of those race horses at the starting get, itching to start running. It was such a relief to finally cook and I have to say I have not made one bad thing. I am amazed at how well everything cooks.


    The other cooling thing about Nerina, we got her up and running on our 25th wedding anniversary. We did not plan this (believe me I wanted this puppy up and running as soon as possible) but it seems to be the perfect wedding anniversary and a symbol of our love. For food is one of the main things that brought us together.


    I want to thank you to all of you because without Wren Bay and all of you I could never have purchased Nerina. Heck I never would have even published Wren if you had not encouraged me to be brave and not listen to my fears. So it is all love and when I cook now, I will cook with love. Hopefully I will in time be able to cook for some of you. I am thinking when the kitchen is done, maybe I could have cooking classes! So I am proud to announce the birth of Nerina. I choice the name Nerina because in Italian it mean water. With the gift of the pot filler, I think is apropos xox


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Oh how fabulous your kitchen looks! And that natural light filtering in. Lovely! :) The backsplash is lovely!


Looking GREAT!!! Love what you've accomplished already.

I am crazy for the Bertazzoni ranges too. Didn't know you could find a dented one for less, but it sure is something to search for.

Keep up the wonderful work! and play,



So beautiful. I am sure many wonderful meals will be cooked on that stove. Congratulations on both the stove and your anniversary!


Congratulations! I love my gas range, so quite understand your delight. Happy Anniversary too! Love Gill.


Awesome! I'm impressed. I'm curious about what type of over-the-range hood you have? Right now I have a microwave & fan combo which I do not like.

Keep calm and cook on!


Welcome Nerina. What a beautiful addition to your kitchen!


I'm having serious stove envy! Happy anniversary!


WOW is right! It's stunning and beautiful. I love how it fits perfectly in your kitchen.
Congratulations Clarice. Love you. Jill 00


Oh what fun that will be to create wonderful meals with! I want a new stove so bad! I'm keeping an eye out for on old O'Keefe and Merrit. Our house was built in the 50s so I think it would feel at home.


Oh WOW Clarice -- She's a beauty! I LOVE the marble backsplash too -- so beautiful. Congratulations!!!


Beautiful stove and I love your home! Renos are so expensive and time consuming aren't they?

Thanks for sharing......


Cathy in Maryland

She's beautiful! I had to go back to one of your old posts to remind myself what your old stove looked like. I can understand your excitement! Have fun cooking!

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