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Help, lost in kitchen remodel


    Hey there, just a quick note to say hi and that I have no post for you. Well ... technically I guess this is a post to say I have no post :-) My stove died, we are rushing to get in a new one and it has taken over my life. Think tearing out lath and plaster walls, marble, laying cement pad, pot filler and so much more. Hopefully in a week we will have it in and I can get back to posting. Until then here is a pretty picture for you and I will be back soon (with lots of pictures of what I have been up to and more of the Clean Cook series) xox




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Can't wait to see the new kitchen! We've been busy working in our kitchen as well but not quite finished...we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel though!
Love, Tracey xox


Kitchen remodels will either make you swear, drink, cry or all simultaneously! Hope it is done more quickly and easily than you fear!


We've been tearing apart our kitchen, too. It's a crazy thing--especially when I cook almost all our food from scratch and we eat at home all our meals together as a family!
It's to the able to do it all part whilst still missing the upper cabinets, the rest of the counters, light fixtures & all the trim pieces, and the floor.
Can't wait to see your pictures when it's done!


It's hard, but you'll get through it. Nice picture.


Take heart, it will be over with soon and you'll have a pretty new kitchen to show us!

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