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A Clean Cook, fourth in series

Clean cook

    This is fourth in the series A Clean Cook, today we talk about clean in the sense of clean flavors. I know I use some weird ingredients but there is a method to my madness ;-) A clean palate is what I am trying to achieve. Again I know someone (who I will not name but don not worry it is not you, she never reads my blog) who throws every spice and herb in a dish. There is no rhyme or reason for what she is using. I know because I have politely asked. In the end the curry overrides the dill which overrides the caraway seeds, which overrides ... well you get the point. She is doing her dish a disservice because you almost taste nothing. Nothing is supporting each other. Plus things like spices and garnishes are meant to do that, garnish, highlight what they are spicing up. Not cover it up. If I have some perfect fingerling potatoes I just dug up from the garden, I do want to dress them up but I still want to taste their earthy qualities. Now if I have some nice sharp Cheddar I might added them to potatoes but the taste of the cheese is what I am trying to highlight, not the potatoes. I hope I am making sense. Do you think about your ingredients and what it is you want to highlight? Do you think about what flavors you are trying to convey?

Fat gives1
     Making great tasting food is not just having an edible dish, it is honoring the food it took to make it. By looking at your ingredients and how to elevate their flavors, not cover them up, you are making the most of what you have and that is A Clean Cook!

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What a great post! I definitely agree with you. Spices and condiments are meant to enhance not mask flavors. :)


I'm a less is more type of cook. I once saw Gordon Ramsey make broccoli soup on one of his British TV shows (great show, none of the crazy yelling). You know what's in it? Broccoli. Not that I don't enjoy broccoli cheddar or maybe some curry with it for a little something extra. But I loved his point. Your food should taste like what it is.

Tracy A.

My husband definitely operates with the "more is more" philosophy. Every seasoning available is used, and you add onions and peppers! Thankfully, he usually sets aside a portion for me before he does his doctoring.

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