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A Clean Cook, third in series

  Clean cook

    Yeah, I have my kitchen back. I will share real soon. Until then, here is the third instalment in A Clean Cook!

    Well we have talking about the importance of having a clean, open work space and how that helps us to be A Clean Cook. Another way I think Thomas Keller meant to be A Clean Cook, is clean food. Well clean food in the sense of food free from antibiotics, pesticides, GMO, healthy food! I am trying to cook food as clean as possible. The less messed with the better. Made from scratch with products that are what they were suppose to be in the first place; no box items, processed as little as possible, free is chemicals. It is kind of amazing how hard it is to find clean, real food!


    I have written several posts on the chemicals that are now in our food. About how companies can claim food is in their products, like fruit in cereal, when really there is not fruit at all, just a chemical combo with artificial flavors. I am beginning to understand how these chemicals are affecting my family and it scares me to tell you the truth. With the fact that some 80% of food has GMO and chemicals, it makes it hard to avoid them. I think it takes education and one day at a time approach. For us the first thing to go was extras, no more pre-made stuff (most of the time, I want to be real with you)! Then I started looking at every day things. I make most what we eat. Also I have been researching what companies I can trust. Here is a site where you can find which products are GMO free. I am not there 100% but pretty close. My garden is producing more but still has a long way to go. I have had to let go of extras in other areas of our life, so I can put more money toward wholesome food, like raw milk and grass feed beef. I think it is just about mindfulness. The more you know, the more you can make choices that are right for you and your family. Knowledge and owning what you eat makes you A Clean Cook!

Still more to come!


Please enjoy the rest of the series






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Dear Clarice,

I'm glad that I"m not the only one who tries their hardest to "eat clean." It's a constant education, isn't it, trying to keep up with what is good and what is bad. Now if only my husband would get in on the act! ;)




Great points my friend! Hope all is well with you and yours.
Tracey xox


It helps to have these reminders. Thanks Clarice!


The entire idea of gmo in our foods scares me to know end.
Clarice you've always done an outstanding job whipping up and serving meals that are healthy and safe.
It seems to be more of a challenge each and every time I go pick up food at the market.
I'm not sure how it's going to turn out, but we are making our voices heard and I believe it will make a difference eventually. Hopefully it won't be too late.
Love you.
I'm going to be calling you soon. Have some info I want to share.
Jill 00

Pearl Maple

Great post about putting thought into eating real food, there are too many options to grab what ever boxed up collection of chemicals a manufacturer wants to put on the shelf but nothing beats real food


Wonderful post, Clarice. This is such an important issue for us all. Thanks for reminding us. I try to cook as cleanly as possible. It is hard to find the means to do so, and I don't care if I have to spend more for organic, clean items - but I will!

Lady Katherine

Wonderful article, makes one rethink their food


Clean eating is what Hubs and I are trying to do more of and we feel better for it.

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