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Mother's Day Fun

  Mother day2

    Well I was suppose to have mother's day last week but it kind of all blew up, so we rebooted and had it this week. David took me and the girls to my favorite new restaurant, Port Gamble general store & cafe.

  Mother dayy

    I have been dieing to have their version of biscuits and gravy: Indian fry bread with homemade sausage gravy: heavy cream, fresh herbs and all. Oh my gosh it was heaven. Biscuits tend to get all mushy (well in my opinion they do, you can disagree with me ;-) but the fry bread was crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. I have got to try to make this myself.

  Mother day meal

I think Port Gamble is just about my favorite place, even though it only consists of two blocks. Port Gamble has been owned by the same milling company for 160 something years.

  Mother day4

Therefor it feels and looks exactly the same as it always has. There is such a sense of history, peace and beauty in Port Gamble. We decided to check out the cemetery. It was a stunning day to enjoy the beautiful views of Hood Canal. Look below, the picture on the right, can you see the Hood Canal bridge that goes to Port Angeles?

Motherday2 Collage

Looks at this stunning iron work. Gosh things were prettier 150 years back!!

Mother day3

The girls were so sweet to me, they cooked and cleaned all weekend. Chloe made me a beautiful crochet cuff. I need to pick out fun colored buttons for it. Auberne` gave me an old book about English thatched cottages and a salted, almond dark chocolate bar.


Bling, England, chocolate and family = a perfect Mother's Day xox


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How wonderful your day was! What fabulous gifts from the girls and that restaurant sounds different and the food looks great. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Just look at your irises!! They will be out soon! I am still discovering if anything has survived the winter in my garden...well, the rhubarb and red currants have, and there are a few daffodils and tulips just beginning to show colour, but most of my herbs, roses and clematis seem to be very dead. The apple trees have all survived ( we have lost one each of the last three years) and I have just put in a new Japanese flowering cherry to celebrate our anniversary. Happy Spring Days to you all.

Children of Eve

Hmm, if I am not being too nosey...what is the name of that book about English thatched cottages? Sounds quite nice. Oh, your girl's bangs are adorable on her.


What fun! Happy Mother's Day, Clarice. You're a wonderful mom.


What a lovely way to spend your day, and to realize that Mother's Day can be celebrated on any day!


Beautiful post! I just found your lovely blog and I'm in heaven. :)


What a sweet family. Love the striped dress - you look so lovely and spring-ish.


Fun! I've got to try that restaurant!


Love Port Gamble. We were there once when they were having the Civil War Re-enactment, it was pretty neat!



Hello sweet Clarice, I enjoyed this post so much my dear friend! I am so happy you had a wonderful Mother's Day. The food looks and sounds very yummy! Auberne` and Chloe are so beautiful and the best daughters! I agree, things from long ago were made much prettier than they are today! I love the beautiful view of Hood Canal! The gifts the girls gave you are fabulous! So sweet! You deserved the perfect day you had and I am thrilled for you sweetie! You are gorgeous!!! Love you, Paula xo

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