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Meatless Mondays, Have You Thought of Barley?


    Looking for cheap, easy dish on upcoming meatless Mondays? What about barley? It is healthy, inexpensive, you can cook some this weekend and use it next week. Here is a list of barley salads or a vegetarian barley toss. You could also make barley risotto. I think eating different grains (not the same thing all the time) is very healthy. Switch things up!!

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Yum. All those salads and veggie toss look so good to me. I love barley. We don't eat it a lot, but I think I'm going to make some today for tonight's supper. Thanks for the good ideas.


LaDonna Lateadah

I love barley --- but since it's not a gluten free grain, can no longer use it. Highly recommended, though, for those who can!

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