Meatless Mondays, Have You Thought of Barley?
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Dearest Clarice, the quote is so sweet and so are your loving words! I hope your day was blessed and happy! You deserve it dear friend! Your girls are amazing and so are you! You have done an amazing job raising them. I love you three so much! xo Paula


I LOVE that sweet quote Clarice. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Nan York

Happy Mother's Day you have a really great Mom and two lovely daughter's you are truly blessed.

Children of Eve

Happy Mother's Day to you Clarice!!


Happy Mother's Day Clarice!!


Thanks, I sometimes wish I had been the kind of mother you are, so it goes both ways. We live and learn. I know the girls are going to be great mom's too, some day. We're passing on a tradition of love and no guilt.

Linda Colantino

Happy Mother's Day my friend. You have raised two very sweet daughters. I love your mom too.

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