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Chive Oil

Chive oil2

    Are you looking for a simple way to bling up a meal? I was the other night. David grilled some elk steaks and I cooked some quinoa and steamed green beans. I wanted to add a bit of flavor using what I had on-hand. In comes chive oil or in this case I used the green tops from my garlic. Just add some really good olive oil, for you need oil with a rich flavor and you will have a simple garnish. We just drizzled it over our dinner and it brightened the whole dish up!!

Chive oil

Chive Oil

1/2 cup olive oil, the richer the tasting the better

6-8 chive stalk, torn into thirds. (You can also use garlic tops or green onions)

salt and pepper to taste

A blender stick works really well for this but a blender or food process will work too. Add ingredients and blends for a minute. Enjoy, it will keep in fridge for a week or two!


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Thanks for this - my chives are becoming something from science fiction, able to overtake entire counties. Good way to use them!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

This looks delicious! Thanks!


Good idea! My chives are inching their way up. I'll give this a try. Your supper looks delicious.


Great idea!


Sounds yummy. My chives are beautiful just now - I'm clipping them and drying them for the winter ahead, although it seems like we just finished winter!

Brenda Nuland

My garlic chives have come up recently. This will be great to try with them!

Now I have to think of something to fix to use it with... hmmm... much to ponder. ;)




Oooh, I would have never thought to make such a thing -- I'll bet it's delicious. Thanks for sharing Clarice!

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