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    Good day, I tell you love makes the world go around and it really is the little things that count. I received the sweetest gift the other day. I thought I would share it with all off you so you could make one yourself.

    Last time I visited my dad, I meet Joy, The Vintage Rabbit. We instantly became good friends and she sent me this beautiful paper garland. Joy simply cut out two butterflies and stapled them together with some pretty ribbon sandwiched in between. To cover the staple, she cut a small body for the center and glue it over the staple. Joy used an old map for the paper which I have to say was a brilliant idea, for the colors go perfect in living room.


    Thank you Joy I love it (and you). Also thank you readers for I have little handmade gifts from many of you around my house. I look at them all the time and think of each of you. Like I said love makes the world go around xox

PS Here is another butterfly project that I thought was charming, butterfly tea bag.

Butterfly tea


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Children of Eve

I love it!!! Crazy how something so simple can be so awesome.

Linda Colantino

Cute idea!


Very cute! What a great way to use old maps too. Thanks for sharing!


Those are really cute Clarice. I love that they're made from old maps too.

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

How absolutely darling!


Dear Clarice,

What a sweet gift for your home! I love hanging craft butterflies from the ceiling during the summer months (sometimes I leave them up all year long); they're always perfect.



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