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A Corner of my Home

Sp garden2

    Well right now the inside of my house is a complete wreak. We are working on a huge kitchen project (I will share soon) I have my stove moved into the middle of the kitchen and a temporary work space set up in my living room.

  Sp garden1

    So I have no lovely corners to share but I thought my little side garden is looking pretty.

  Sp garden3

    I have just let the columbine go crazy reseeding. Hopefully when they give out my roses and clematis will kick in. I also have a new little pathway I am putting in. Of course it goes to a front door that does not open but that is a moot point :-O


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karen andreola

Your garden plants look so at ease where they are planted. This is an inviting garden just as it is even though you anticipate blooms climbing up the frames. You have a green thumb. This is certain.
Karen A.


How beautiful and green! I love this time of year for bright pretty colors!


Sweet Clarice, your garden is so lovely and charming! I love your Columbine and look forward to seeing your roses and clematis in bloom. The little path sounds lovely and I am excited about your kitchen makeover. I know it is hard with things being out of place, but it will be gorgeous when it is completed. Love you, Paula xo


Your side garden is full of charm. Columbines are such delicate and pretty flowers. When one flower is done, the next will soon follow.

Tierney Barden

Your garden beds look so beautiful, Clarice! Perfectly cozy and lush...oh, to be in the Pacific NW!

Tracy A.

Eager to see the kitchen renovations. Your little garden is just beautiful!

LaDonna Lateadah

It is charming and lovely --- very sweet! And I love that I have walked on that walk. Smile.

Gracious Hospitality

Cathy in Maryland

Clarice, your side garden is quite lovely! I think small, unexpected gardens can be the prettiest because you don't see them until you're right upon them and the surprise element lends to their enchantment.

Aren't Columbine sweet?! I collect all their offspring from my gravel path and resettle them. I have a wild one in my side garden, but it has never reseeded itself. It is red--a color I've never seen in the nurseries.

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