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A Clean Cook, second in series

A Clean Cook

  Clean cook

    I have been enjoying Thomas Keller's book, Bouchon Bakery. Being one of thee top chefs in America and owning The French Laundry (Which I have eaten at before it was hip and was owned by Don and Sally Schmitt.) I figured Thomas knows his stuff, although he is approaching cooking from a chef's point of view. Which is very different than a home cook but as Madam Mimi would say, "One should never cook like a chef but understand and have the same skills as one."

    In his baking book he uses the term A Clean Chef, immediately a few different ideas went zipping through my mind but then I realized I think he meant all of them. Gosh, what a perfect term for the kind of cook I want to be. If I was starting a new blog or writing a cookbook, I might call it A Clean Cook!

    Originally this was just going to be one post but I realized I have a lot to say, like I always do on the subject of food, so this will be series.

I will be back with what is a clean cook! Please enjoy more of the series







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Interesting! I am wondering if it means using "pure" and whole ingredients. In any event, I am looking forward to the series!


Sounds intriguing. I'll look forward to more.


Beautiful photo dear Clarice! I look forward to learning more and to all you will share sweetie! Love, Paula xo

Tracy A.

What an interesting phrase. I look forward to more!

Susan L

Super fun, Clarice! Can't wait for more! :-)

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