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What Motivates Me to Cook

 "Really I think a clean kitchen creates an urge in me to want to dirty it up!"

Blk curtin0

    As much as I love (obsess over) cooking, this girl enjoys a break as much as anyone. I cook a lot, I get burned out and need motivation. I was thinking during my bath time what motives me to cook when I am burned out. Here is my list. I would love to hear what motivates you?

1. Well I just mentioned my bath. I take an late afternoon bath every day. I started this when Auberne` was a baby and I am glad I did. I find taking a respite before I have to cook dinner is a big help. It does not have to be a bath, it could be a quick nap or a cup of tea in a quite corner of your home. Just some time to stop and refresh before starting up again.

2. Watching cooking shows while I cook. I think all that talk about food and cooking makes me want to cook!

3. A clean kitchen. Not super clean, just spaces cleared, counters cleaned. A good, open workable space. I suppose this is obvious to everyone else but it took me a while to realize this. I hate cleaning but found if I made myself straighten up the kitchen before I went to bed (and while I was cooking), I was much more motivated to cook the next day. Really I think a clean kitchen creates an urge in me to want to dirty it up ;-)

4. A glass of wine! Now do not laugh at me and NO, I do not drink wine every time I cook. I only drink wine on the weekends but I think it inspires me because wine always makes me think of food. Wine is a living thing with depths of smell, layers of tastes and a mouth feel. Plus when you add food to the mix it changes wine (and the food). I love to see how the two interact. There is also the fact that wine makes me happy. So on the weekends you will see me cooking with a glass of wine in my hand!

5. A full pantry! I never make menus, I find I spend more money when I do. All I need is some meat in my freezer, some veggies on-hand, some things to bling it out with and a full pantry. I relay on my pantry to save me money. With just a bit of meat I can fill in with a lot of cheap grains and veggies.

6. Lastly other cooks inspire me. Reading book, pinning recipes, you guys and cooking with others. Just hanging with friends and talking food, cooking with them inspires me. I think because it reminds me food is more then just mearly filling our tummies. It is meant to feed our souls, to bring people together, a way to show love! And cooking with or for others reminds me what a gift it is when I can give someone a wholesome, delish, I-am-going-to-die-with happiness meal!


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This is so beautifully said! It's time to add the afternoon bath into my routine maybe with a cup of tea. brilliant! =)

Tracy A.

Loving to cook has only been a recent thing for me (the last few years). I think that being retired has given me the time to cook things that are a bit more elaborate and experimental. I also have begun to invest in some really good cookware - one pot and pan at a time. Whether or not this makes me a better cook is up for debate, but it does motivate me to try different things. I too, love to watch cooking shows while I cook, and I don't save the wine for weekends!


Great thoughts, Clarice. I like to take a little break before cooking dinner, too. Usually a cup of tea and a little reading.


I looked forward to reading this as I haven't been cooking much, due to busy schedule, late nights, and lack of energy but I wanted to say that you, Clarice, motivate me to cook! :)


This was fun to read, Clarice. I love your list! I get inspired in some of the same ways. I read a lot of prosey books about food and cooking (and I flip through recipe-oriented cookbooks, too). My kids' cooking inspires me, too. All of them are good cooks and are always sharing recipes and ideas with me. I have less time and money now than I've ever had, but as you know, really good food can be made simply and quickly with just a few good ingredients, so cooking is still fun! :-)



Fun to read! :)


I enjoyed this post very much. I cook a lot too because I live in the country and there are no restaurants nor fast foods out here. I get some inspiration from food shows and Pinterest. Since starting to get Bountiful Baskets, they motivate me to cook with the veggies/fruits I get. It's always a surprise to see what's in the basket, and it's fun to get creative with them. BB is a source of cheap and good food which I love. A clean kitchen -- yes, that's a good motivator! Weekend wine sounds great!

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